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Posted by Neko Kyou in Coming Soon, Gundam on June 25th, 2007

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (pronounced as ‘Double O’) has been officially announced quite recently, and will begin to air in Japan starting 7th October 2007. The story takes place exactly 300 years in the future in the year 2307 A.D. following our modern calendar system.

Originally, there were news that the next Gundam installation after Gundam Seed Destiny would be a continuation of the Universal Century storyline. However, it would appear that they (Sunrise and Bandai) are hoping to attract a new fanbase with yet another A.U. series.

There will be 4 Gundam Meisters from the Solestal Beings faction, piloting the mobile suits with one mission – to stop wars. Apparently they are a private military organization that is bent on eradicating war. The main character’s name is Setsuna F. Seiei and pilots the Gundam Exia for Solestal Beings. Somehow, this kinda reminds me of Mithrill from Full Metal Panic.

A 15 seconds teaser trailer that showcases the 4 Gundams has already been released and you can actually watch it here:

Even though I’m disappointed that the new series was not based on C.E. (I’m a seed fanboy, so sue me :P) or U.C., it does seem interesting so far. The 4 suits featured in the trailer reminds me of the different Striker packs from Seed and the character designs are well… different. We could probably expect a few fresh ideas unlike the very heavily recycled plots that were present in Destiny (although I wouldn’t complain too much about it since I did enjoy GSD personally albeit slightly disappointed).

A movie based on Gundam Seed has also been confirmed, although details are still extremely sketchy and release date is rumored to be end of this year or somewhere in 2008. There has also be strong rumors across the Internet that the C.E. universe is still very much alive and kicking, with more plans for it after the movie, a good news for Seed fans :)

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  1. T3rry | June 25th, 2007 at 7:38 pm

    I’m a seed fanboy, so sue me 😛

    i’m gonna sue u 😛

  2. Neko Kyou | June 26th, 2007 at 12:19 am

    DX arent u a seed fanboy as well!

  3. T3rry | June 26th, 2007 at 7:10 pm

    in my face!


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