Gundam Mini Seed

Posted by Neko Kyou in Gundam on June 26th, 2007

Fans of Gundam Seed would definitely love what you’re about to see. The Seed Club comic strip that has been featured on Newtype magazines have been transformed into an animated series. It comes with the Gundam Seed & Seed Destiny Fan Disc Seed Supernova Er DVD package.

Here’s a couple of clips that were found on YouTube, it’s in raw (meaning no subs) but you should be able to get most of the meaning anyway, especially if you’ve watched Seed before. There are quite a few quotes taken from within Seed itself.

Here is episode 1:

And here’s episode 2:

Hopefully there would be more and that someone would sub it as well. 😀

If you’re interested to check out the Fan Disc, or is looking towards purchasing one for your own personal collection, please check out this link –

Buy Gundam Seed & Seed Destiny Fan Disc (Opens in new window)

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