C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control is one of the Spring 2011 anime that caught my attention during its announcement and I have to admit it’s largely because the name is very similar to “Money and Probability” in Bakuman. Of course, the similarity is in the name only but it was enough to get me interested.

The story for C seems to be set in the modern world where a mysterious race of beings that cannot be seen with the naked eyes offers a large sum of money for those who need it with their future used as collateral. The first few minutes is really quite confusing with so many actions going on at once that is never once explained. It will probably take a few episodes before anything really makes sense, but in the mean time the great design, animation and intriguing storyline is enough to hook you in to want to continue watching and find out more.

As far as first impressions go for this season, C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control is sitting at the top right now. It doesn’t hurt that they can summon Anubis for battle and one of the chars reminds me the Mad Hatter.

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