Umbrella Butt Rape!

No new mysteries to solve, no new adventures to go on. Just spending some time doing nothing much at the academy during summer vacation. Pretty much peace and quiet the entire episode.

But at the same time we get to see so much of Victorique making expressions so cute you could just die from moe overload >.<

The part where Victorique dropped and broke the tea set and Kujo tried to clean up the mess, I was half expecting him to look up (which he did) and see something he’s not supposed to (after all, that Kimono looks pretty loose) but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Although, Kujo did look a little bit happy when he was ordered by Victorique to “suck it all up”…

While there really isn’t any case going on, this has been one of the more enjoyable episodes of Gosick so far.

If you haven’t tried Gosick yet, you’re really missing out on what would probably be one of the best series 2011 have to offer. The OP and ED are also some of the best.

Opening – Destin Historie

Ending – Resuscitated Hope

Clip is from the first episode of Gosick

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  1. fernando | April 20th, 2011 at 4:25 am

    this may sound like a dumb question btu what is moe, i keep seing that word on anime blogs and i have no idea what it is. please do tell me its kiling me to know.


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