Minami-ke Episode 10

Posted by Neko Kyou in Minami-ke on December 18th, 2007

Boy X Girl

Rating: 9.5/10

Minami-ke Episode 10

I have not laughed so hard, so long, so insanely since… I really don’t remember. This is easily the best Minami-ke episode right now and I’m still laughing thinking about it. It’s been bugging me for the longest time, but I’ve always wondered who the heck was the boy who was tossing Chiaki-sama up and down after (seemingly) lost to her in a video game. Apparently, she is Minami Touma.

Minami-ke Episode 10

First, we had Mako-chan who dresses up as a girl. Now, we have Touma who dresses up as a boy. This realization quickly had me down on the floor, rolling around in a laughing fit. The world of Minami-ke had officially turned topsy-turvy. In a hilarious way, of course.

Chiaki-sama provided a great laugh through her unwillingness to lose at anything, even for something as trivial as the date of birth. But it’s ironic that Chiaki-sama had Touma to become a guy is exactly the same as Kana having Makoto pretending to be a girl. She may not be happy about it, but Chiaki-sama is without a doubt Kana’s little sister with the same genes and unfortunately, somewhat similar whacky ideas. Oh, the horror!

Minami Kana Evil Grin

OMG Evil Kana!

And as usual, Makoto never makes any sense. That boy seriously has no brain in his head and only thinks with his mouth. But at least he provided plenty of laughs and amusement here hiding under the kotatsu, although Kana probably had much more fun from the looks of it. I’m amazed neither Chiaki-sama nor Haruka noticed how much Mako-chan look like Makoto with his/her messed up hair.

Makoto and Touma would make a perfect couple together. All they need to do is make sure Touma stays as a boy and Mako-chan stays as a girl.

Minami Chiaki-sama and Touma

I swear Minami-ke is full of scenes like this… I should do a post highlighting all of them once the series is over *Kana evil grin*

I’m still laughing. And to think that I watched this a few days ago.

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