Minami-ke Episode 7

Posted by Neko Kyou in Minami-ke on November 27th, 2007

Many Faces

Rating: 8/10

Minami-ke Episode 7

We finally know the name of the odd man who first appeared in front of the Minami-ke’s front door back in episode 4. Along with the 3 sisters (who forgot how he was related to them) we also found out that Takeru is really their cousin. Poor guy, apparently they all started calling him “ojisan” thanks to Chiaki-sama.

Minami-ke Episode 7

The best “Sensei & Ninomiya-kun” episode has got to be the one showed in this episode. The last minute twist with the car avoiding the doctor and heading straight for the unlucky couple had me burst out laughing.

But the best part of this episode has got to be the revealing of the first generation banchou in Kana’s school and the legends of Minami Haruka. The mini-story at the end where they showed what really happened in one of the “legends” was very entertaining as well, and we got to see a chibi version (actually, younger version) of Chiaki-sama and Kana.

Minami-ke: Takeru Retrained

Damn… What I wouldn’t give to be in Takeru’s position right now…

I noticed that the guys in Minami-ke are always having a rough time with the exception of Hosaka who is probably the only character in the series more dense than Kana.

Fujioka is probably the unluckiest one among them – of all the people he had to develop a crush on Kana. He’s probably going to suffer a lot more and a lot worse. The poor guy, he deserved much better.

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