Naruto Shippuuden Episode 31

Shakugan no Shana II Episode 2

Lucky Star Episode 21-24 (END)

Gundam 00 Episode 2

Naruto Shippuuden

Episode 31: The Next Generation

Rating: 7/10

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 31

New op with Yamato and Sai!

Hurray for Yamato, boo for Sai 😛

None of the main characters moved more than 10 feet in this episode, plenty of flashbacks and dragging scenes, but somehow it falls nicely into place. Chiyo-baa uses her remaining life force to revive Gaara, but her chakra was just about to run out. Naruto quickly offered his own chakra to help, not knowing the truth behind the jutsu the granny is using.

I wonder, if Naruto had known that Chiyo-baa will be giving up her life, would Naruto had stopped her? It would have probably torn Naruto into pieces, which is probably why no one said a thing. Neji and Kakashi roughly knew what was happening but said nothing. If Sakura had not realized Chiyo-baa’s resolve, she probably would have stopped her herself.

Naruto should have sensed something was wrong when Chiyo-baa pretty much left her will with him, but being the dense idiot he is, he didn’t noticed anything strange at all. *sigh*

It’s a pretty good episode and quite touching. I especially liked the part where Gaara started dreaming again and Naruto finally came for him. Before he knew it, he was already sitting up with everyone including shinobi’s from the Sand who came to backup the Konoha group.

The reality of what Chiyo-baa had done finally dawned upon Naruto. With Naruto’s help, Gaara stood up and asked everyone to pray for her.

There’s no action whatsoever in this episode, but this is probably the best Shippuuden episode so far if you ask me.

Shakugan no Shana

Episode 2: Beginning of Everything

Rating: 8/10

Shakugan no Shana II Episode 2

It was really funny to see Wilhelmina becoming envious that Shana asked Yuji’s mother to teach her how to cook. She took her grief out on Yuji during training and almost suffocated him to death when he suddenly unleashed some strong power that burnt off Wilhelmina’s bandages.

At least now we’re 100% certain that Yuji’s power had indeed increased since Seirei-den. The Bal Masque also seemed to be making their next move as well.

The Guze no Tomogara, Mare, who attacked them before returned again, this time trapping not only Yuji but Shana and Yoshida as well. Shana took on Bel Peol while Yuji tried to wake Yoshida up so that they could escape the dream world.

Yuji soon realized that Mare’s true objective was the Reiji Maigo inside him, but it was already too late. Mare had already reached the Reiji Maigo, but unfortunately for her, the Reiji Maigo was protected by a Keeper, which dealt a fatal wound on her.

Wilhelmina’s expression when told about the Keeper suggested that she might know something about the Keeper of the Reiji Maigo. At the end of the episode a new transfer student was introduced to the class… The Master Throne Hecate!

Hecate in a Seifuku… XD~

Lucky Star

I’ve actually finished Lucky Star a few weeks ago but I completely forgot to blog about it! I finished it at the start of the week, but due to the heavy workload I had it must have slipped my mind. :(

Episode 21: Pandora’s Box

Rating: 8/10

Lucky Star Episode 21

It’s time for a change of uniform again!

Konata spent 40-50k yen on this year’s Comiket, which brought back some not so pleasant memories. And it seems that Yutaka is also getting used to Soujiro’s eccentric behaviour.

Tsukasa finds it difficult to study late into the night so Kagami suggested that she sleeps early and wake up earlier instead of forcing herself awake at night. She followed her suggestion and set her alarm, but still woke up at the usual time the next morning. Apparently she had stopped the alarm when it rang and went back to sleep.

Kagami suggested that Tsukasa get someone who wakes up early to wake her up, like their mother. However, she still woke up the same time the next morning. When Tsukasa rushed down to ask her mother, she said she did wake up but must have went back to sleep again. Kagami could only sigh lol

As they say, if you have a great idea, write it down immediately or you will forget it. This is especially so for writers or artists. Just look at Hiyorin XD

The class is going for a field trip to Kyoto by bus. Orochimaru The tour guide often use puns but only one person in the entire class found it funny each time. And you just knew what Konata would do after Tsukasa got attacked by the deers rofl

I actually somewhat understand how Konata feels about not being able to sleep without turning her DS on at least once a day. I was exactly the same the first couple of months after I bought my DS. But Tsukasa surprised me by bringing her alarm clock along.

Sometimes I wonder if Konata was a New Type and it’s almost confirmed now when Konata had that “sudden sense” like how Fllaga and Kruuze always knew when the other was nearby. The part with the wish “Konata is my wife” is actually something that was really written in that shrine in real life. That otaku must have been really happy to see that reference 😛

Kagami then received a note to meet with someone that night. At first glance it looks like an invitation for a confession. But it’s quite obviously a fake XD But Konata sure has good senses when it comes to Kagami, starting when she didn’t say anything to Konata’s comment on Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Kagami sure looked disappointed afterwards.

It’s kinda heartwarming that Konata tried to cheer Kagami up indirectly and despite her protest, Kagami really did cheer up afterwards. Can’t say the same for Kuroi-sensei. When she was about to relax after the trip by playing her MMO, she found out the server was down for maintenance.

And guess who’s back from Mount. Fuji? Shiraishi Minoru is back and he finally snapped, wrecking the entire Lucky Channel set in the process.

Episode 22: There Over Here

Rating: 9/10

Lucky Star Episode 22

It’s really amazing how people can be so generous can be such a miser as well. Cousin Yui is one prime example here.

Kuroi-sensei is sure a huge baseball nut. She believes in the Japanese team so much that she claims that the winners of the American’s Major League can’t be declared the world’s best if they can’t win the Japanese teams, which according to her is 10 years too early.

While chatting, Konata recalled that Miyuki always sleeps early. She started thinking about how sleep helps growth and decided that must be the reason for Miyuki’s “growth”. She told Yutaka that night about her findings and wondered why Yutaka is still so small even though she sleeps a lot. Yutaka felt hurt about that comment and told Iwasaki the next day in school. As you would have expected, Iwasaki went to bed early that night.

Yutaka listening to her iPod is probably her most kawaii scenes in the entire Lucky Star series XD Too bad Konata had to spoil her mood.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but I tend to have a habit of doing gestures as if I’m talking directly with a person in front of me even though it’s through the phone. Like Kagami said, it’s probably habit.

In the previous episode Tsukasa had problems staying awake. This time its the other way round. She started to find problems trying to fall asleep lol.

Based on the conversation between Konata and Kagami, I guess it’s very safe to conclude that the light novel Kagami had lent to Konata a while back was actually Full Metal Panic. Speaking of which, I wonder when the next season will be out 😛

Konata asked her dad if someone in their class falls for either herself or Yutaka, would that make them lolicons and Soujiro went about in circles trying to answer the question. Then when asked if he was a lolicon, Soujiro denied that he was one. According to him, he also likes normal girls, so that makes him also a lolicon *rofl*

Then she asked about why her mother, Kanata, had chosen to marry her lolicon father. Kanata was very happy when Konata was born, and wished that her daughter won’t inherit her height and her father’s lunacy. Unfortunately, Konata turned out to be tiny and eccentric XD

The next part is one of my favourite in the entire series – Kanata’s spirit came for a visit! She really has a great timing as she came in just in time to listen to the father-daughter conversation on why Kanata had decided to marry Soujiro. If there is any real serious moment in this anime, this is it. And this is the reason why I gave this episode a rating of 9. If Kanata’s scene were longer, it might actually hit a perfect 10 XD

I just love her expressions whenever Soujiro does something shady and Konata’s harsh comments.

Episode 23: A Fine Line

Rating: 8/10

Lucky Star Episode 23

I think the only person capable of using Konata’s computer is herself. Seriously.

The difference between a sick person who is a gamer and a sick person who isn’t:

Non-gamer sick person will always be in bed.

Gamer sick person will always be having fun playing games. (Guilty of this XD)

Cousin Yui really showed her appreciation to Iwasaki for visiting Yutaka, but totally ignored Hiyorin and Patty. It’s pretty funny when the anime-fan trio’s joke completely baffled the other “normal” trio.

While discussing about doujinshi’s, Yutaka said that she wanted to read Hiyorin’s doujin and Konata said that she would lend them to her but was quickly stopped by Hiyorin. But Konata insisted that doujin are meant to be read and Hiyorin really looked troubled.

And Konata really did that as Hiyorin found out a few days later. Yutaka tried to comfort Hiyorin by saying that she really enjoyed her work and that she felt dejavu while reading them. But the truth was, those dejavu parts were probably based on Yutaka and Iwasaki in the first place.

Kagami must have been playing too much games with Konata as she easily beat Misao in a game on the PS2. But she felt really bad since Misao was having more fun that she did even though she was losing. It’s kinda annoying when that happens.

Patty’s taste in J-Pop is pretty much the same with any anime fan worldwide. And her impression of Japan is really typical of a non-Japanese person lol. Kinda reminds me of some of my own impression of Japan from before.

At Miyuki’s house, she was telling her mom about how all their friends look up to Iwasaki as a cool and calm person. Miyuki’s mom started to recall some events which contradicts their impression of Iwasaki and tried super hard to stop giggling, with Iwasaki turning beet red next to Miyuki.

And I always do enjoy it whenever Kagami is with Misao. It’s like Kagami with a more … normal Konata. So it usually ends up in a pretty funny situation. I couldn’t help but lol when Misao mercilessly pointed out that Kagami always looks scary. The part where Misao keep asking Kagami questions which she just replied with a “hmm” all the time is quite entertaining as well.

Kuroi-sensei has terrible luck.

Looks like they called in Gotouza-sama (Yuuko Gotou omg?!) to settle the dispute between Akira and Shiraishi. I wonder if Akira took lessons from her because she really reminds me of Akira herself, only… with more authority.

Next episode title is to be announced (TBA)… and they weren’t kidding.

Episode 24: TBA

Rating: 9/10

Lucky Star Episode 24

No opening sequence, and an abrupt ending. So why a 9? Full version of Motteke! Sailor Fuku! is why.

It’s the last school festival for the 3rd years and the first for Patty in Japan. She came up with a great idea and tried to recruit people for it, even to the extent of bribing Konata with a ticket to an event which I’m guessing is another actual event with Hirano Aya. Konata wanting to shake hands with Hirano Aya just feels weird if you think about it XD

And Konata put on a grand performance to force Kagami and Tsukasa to take part in it as well.

Akira and Shiraishi finally meets in school and seems like they’re still pretty pissed at each other. Akira was supposed to perform Cape of Thirty Years on stage and Shirashi is the MC for the festival. Shiraishi pulled a fast one over Akira by stopping her rehearsal even before she finished singing her first line.

Motteke! Sailor Fuku!

Then its finally time for the cheerleading opening act by Konata and co. It was seriously just a matter of time before this appeared. After all, Motteke! Sailor Fuku is the next Hare Hare Yukai. Mark my words, it’s just another matter of time before a real cheerleading team start performing to this.

The festival finally arrives and everyone is nervous behind the curtains waiting to start off the show. But they quickly become relaxed once again when Shiraishi made a fool of himself as the MC. As the curtains drew open, the series finally ended.

But I wonder… what are the chances of a second season of Lucky Star? Definitely way better than what Azumanga Daioh had 😛 I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Lucky Star has definitely become a favourite of mine.

Gundam 00

Episode 2: Gundam Meister

Rating: 7/10

Gundam 00 Episode 2

Finally some background info is given on the world. This time the world is fighting for solar power through orbital elevators. There are 3 orbital elevators altogether, each under the control of one of the world superpower.

Compared to the first episode, there’s actually some character introduction. Although the main focus of this episode is the demonstration of the Meister’s ability to pilot the Gundams. Celestial Beings had begun to move to Southern India aka Sri Lanka to stop the war there.

The Gundams easily pwned both sides, which surprised all of the 3 superpowers. We get to see a bit of Setsuna’s true character and how the other Meisters feels about him. Seems like there’s something about Setsuna that even the Meisters doesn’t know about.

Graham Acre actually launched to have a one-on-one against Setsuna. It would be interesting to see what happens, especially since Setsuna managed to go against so many grunts with ease earlier. Then again, those grunts looked so weak, even a Zaku would be a powerful match against them.

Gundam 00 is starting to grab my interest and as long as it doesn’t start to move towards Gundam Wing’s style, I’ll continue to watch it.

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