Fatina > Kaaya and OMG UTU!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Thoughts on January 11th, 2009

Tower of Druaga - the Sword of URUK

Regardless of what others think about it, I thought the Tower of Druaga – the Aegis of URUK was one of the top anime for 2008.  And the Sword of URUK is one of my most anticipated anime this season.

We’re into the 2nd week of 2009 but this is the first new anime I’ve watched this year and it did not disappoint for me. The animation quality could use some work for sure, but that was the only real problem I could see.

Fatina and Jil

Jil doesn’t realize how lucky he is

Fatina is now working as a tour guide and selling replicas of her flamethrower for 390 gildas. And apparently she had decided to move on from Neeba, and onto Jil. Being the idiot that he is, Jil still thinks of Kaaya and sadly Ki’s vision will definitely pull him and back to Kaaya.

Fatina may looked like a spoiled girl in the first season, but I’ve always liked her better. She was very straight forward, speaking what’s on her mind, while Kaaya was too secretive and manipulative. Fatina even questioned Neeba’s motive directly and if it weren’t for Neeba manipulating her feelings, she probably would have abandoned him much earlier.

Jil would probably end up with Kaaya but I say ‘boo!” to conventional happy endings and hope he dumps Kaaya too rot. She might have a reason for doing what she did, but deceiving and manipulating someone who is willing to risk his life for you puts her in bad light.

Besides, Fatina is better looking 😀

Utu des~


I’ve always thought Utu was just an empty armor possessed by some spirits to make it move around and talk. Now the only ones who are still missing are Melt and Coopa.

Jil and Utu... omg!?

This is just… wrong…

Jil blushing like that while making that comment. It’s just wrong. So very wrong.

The Sword of URUK’s OP is pretty good, but I still prefer Swinging 😀

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4 Comments to “Fatina > Kaaya and OMG UTU!”

  1. JLee | January 13th, 2009 at 2:41 am

    yes. i say “BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHAT THE FLYING A** F**K IS WRONG WITH YOU JIL!?!?!” to that conventional happy ending = kaaya x jil. and whos happy with that anyway? most of us root for fatina =3

  2. Neko Kyou | January 13th, 2009 at 3:00 am

    Yes! I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt that way 😀

  3. Pandakun | March 20th, 2009 at 2:02 am

    =__=!! I agree! Most of us vote for Fatina to be with Jill and I hope to God that Kayaa will go with Neeba… The other manipulative B*****D in the series. I always liked Fatina even when she was mean and clingy to Neeba. But at least she’s much better in the second season ^_^!!! *cross fingers and pray’s for a Jill x Fatina ending** I think most of us are doing the same ^^;!!

  4. Neko Kyou | March 20th, 2009 at 7:36 am

    But it seems like a Jil x Fatina ending is impossible now :(


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