First of all, what’s with the “!!” this season? K-ON!! and Working!! both uses it, and they’re also both the topic of this post today…

K-ON!! Go Go Manic is definitely the best OP this season – love the 360 camera angle even though it freezes when I try to play the HD version of the OP on my PC (need a damn new PC just to watch anime smoothly)

The ED is top notched as well, but I feel it’s not on the same level as Don’t Say Lazy.

Working!! has a very catchy OP, and I swear that it reminds me of Azumanga Daioh’s OP!

(video link updated 13 Nov 2011, old one was removed and could only find this low quality version)

I showed it to a few others and got the same reaction. Does it remind you of Azumanga?

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