I wrote the 7 Reasons why Gundam Seed Destiny Sucked about a month ago and thought maybe I should also give 7 reasons why I liked Gundam Seed Destiny. A warning though, many would argue that some (or maybe even all) the reasons I list here as their reason for disliking the series.

Gundam Seed Destiny

  1. Kira rocked.And because Shinn sucked so bad, Kira rocked even more. He has become more than just the Ultimate Coordinator. He is the God of War. There was even an episode dedicated to show just that – episode 39: Kira of the Heavens. Now if that isn’t the declaration that Kira is indeed the ultimate fighting machine in C.E., I don’t know what is. While Kira had to struggle against many opponents in Seed, he pretty much takes on everyone and their cousins with relatively ease, making Destiny and Destroy look like nothing but child’s play.
  1. Infinite Justice kicks ass. If Kira is the God of War, then Athrun with his Infinite Justice is, without a doubt, the Melee God. The original Justice wasn’t shown as prominently, and definitely takes far less notice compared to Freedom. But Infinite Justice kicks ass here. Infinite Justice went up against Destiny not once, but twice, allowing Strike Freedom to take on Legend. And every time Athrun decides to get serious, Shinn gets trashed like no tomorrow, making Infinite Justice the hero for many anti-Shinn/Destiny fans. Fukuda was probably taking this chance to make up for Athrun’s uselessness during most of the season. Too bad I can’t say the same for Cagalli…
  1. Shinn got owned. Pretty much every scene where Shinn got owned became some of my favourite parts of the series. I hate Shinn ever since he first started to blame Cagalli for his loss. Keeping in mind that I watched this part first before watching Seed, I can safely say that I didn’t start hating Shinn because I supported the old cast. I didn’t even know who were the old cast and who are the new ones. So Shinn getting pwned is fun to watch for me.
  1. Return of Fllaga. I’ll admit the idea of Phantom Mask is really Fllaga never occured to me until the episode where he repeated a phrase from Seed about chasing the “cute kittens”. It was a pleasant surprise that Fllaga somehow miraculously survived the Lohengrin blast from Dominion and that he would eventually rejoin the Archangel, piloting the Hyaku-Shiki Akatsuki.
  1. Archangel upgraded. Not only can the legendary Archangel dive underwater now, they even built a hot springs bath in the damn warship! It’s no longer just a first-class warship, it also has first-class comfort facilities! The Archangel itself isn’t the only one with upgrades, the crew themselves seemed to be much more skillful and calm than they were during the previous war. Barrel-roll maneuver? Nothing to it. Facing an incoming positron cannon beam? Been there, done that. Twice.
  1. Great OST. Even though overall I feel that Seed had nicer songs, I think that Destiny had more songs that are good. I can pick out more songs I liked in Destiny compared to Seed. And of course, T.M. Revolution :)
  1. Better animation. Quality wise it’s definitely an improvement over Seed. The quality of designs and animation are important in any anime, and Destiny definitely performed well here. Too bad I can’t say the same for overall plot.

At the end of Destiny (based on Final Plus) Shinn finally made peace with Kira. That would suggest that if there are to be anymore sequels, the 3 Ship Alliance would actually have Shinn on their side as well. I may hate Shinn, but it would be cool to have him fight alongside Kira and Athrun.

The invincible duo (Kira and Athrun) in Seed became the invincible trio (Kira, Athrun and Fllaga) in Destiny. Would we see the invincible quartet in the next installation of Gundam Seed and the C.E. Universe with Shinn in the mix? Only time would tell but it would be fun to watch that’s for sure 😀

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3 Comments to “7 Reasons Why I Liked Gundam Seed Destiny”

  1. Windie | August 28th, 2007 at 10:23 pm

    Too bad the ending about athrun. He dint get to marry Cagalli. I really want to see Kira kissing Lacus!!! Thinking about that makes me lil horny xD

  2. Murrue ramius | October 27th, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    I just hated how Kira was like a superman in the series.Sorry, I’m not a fan girl, and I just think Kira was just too good, overdid by the writers.Though I also don’t like Shinn’s sarcastic attitude towards cagalli, he’s being judgemental.Oh well, I still love Seed Destiny.

  3. banagherlinks | March 31st, 2013 at 4:49 pm

    LOL the so called god of war won’t last a minute at the neo zeon war. Not all those minovskey particles, top caliber grunts and legendary aces but the infamous newtype monsters. WOW!!!!


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