Beach Trip

Posted by Neko Kyou in Personal on November 30th, 2007

Chiaki and Kana on the beach

Fun at the beach!

I was so unprepared and disorganized that I couldn’t find the time to post that I would be away for a couple of days. Some of my old friends managed to gather and we headed off the to beach for some fun in the sand (and to test out my new telescope, which unfortunately weren’t much use because we still couldn’t really figure out how to use it).

The beach was rather quiet since we went during the weekdays and its the monsoon season, meaning the waves would be rather rough. It was a pity, though. We had really wanted to go kayaking but the resort wouldn’t allow us to take the kayak out.

Instead, we ended up fooling around the beach, play some cards outdoors and relax by the sound of the waves under the starry night.

We took some really great photos as well. Here’s one of my favourite:

Sematan Beach Jump

Try guessing where I am in this photo

I’ve uploaded all the pictures we took onto flickr (even the bad ones) so if you’re interested, head on to my Sematan Beach Trip 2007 album.

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