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Posted by Neko Kyou in Thoughts on July 2nd, 2007

A reply to Dyna-Storm’s tag post, “Your 1 Gaming Wish”. Now, incidentally, my 1 gaming wish happens to be related to anime, which makes it a perfect post for this blog :)

My 1 gaming wish is – for “The World” to be a reality. If you don’t know what it is, “The World” is actually a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that exist in the .hack story lines. The entire .hack series revolves around this MMORPG, which makes use of virtual reality goggles that allows players to fully immerse themselves in the fantasy world setting of the game.

The World R:1 and The World R:2 Login Screen

The World R:1 and The World R:2 Login Screens

In fact, it was the .hack series (or to be more precise, the .hack//Legend of Twilight Bracelet and .hack//SIGN anime) that turned me into a MMORPG lover, especially Ragnarok Online, which I previously disliked. I loved role playing games since I was little, from traditional pen & paper RPGs to favourites like Final Fantasy. However, I didn’t really enjoyed MMORPGs as much until I was exposed to .hack a few years ago.

The main reason why I wished “The World” would become a reality is probably due to these of visors that allows players to have a full 360 degrees view of the in-game world that boasts awesome graphics and sound system. At least I get to play my video games with the best monitor I got from ArmchairEmpire.com which is pretty close to reality.

Legendary Party .hackers

It also helps that the game is full of quests and special events, especially while Balmung was an Administrator with CC Corps. If I had a choice of which timeline I would like to enjoy “The World” in, it would have to be during the .hack//Legend of Twilight Bracelet arc, where Shugo and Rena had their fun with Mireille (Mistral’s daughter), Ouka the Invincible Fist, Hotaru and of course, Administrator Balmung.

The manga version of this series was the first time I had been exposed to the .hack universe, followed by.hack//SIGN and the .hack PS2 games with Kite as the main character.


I’ve been a fan of the .hack franchise ever since then and even until the most recent .hack//ROOTS and the .hack//G.U. series featuring Haseo, the Terror of Death. “The World” continued to leave me enchanted, hoping that someday soon, we will be able to play a game in the very same way that the .hack characters are playing their beloved “The World”.

I now tag anyone who reads this, just make a post about your one gaming wish and link back to the person who tags you (in this case, that’s me :D

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