Minami-ke Episode 13

Posted by Neko Kyou in Minami-ke on January 9th, 2008

Love Going Around in Circles

Minami-ke Episode 13

Rating: 9/10

Mako-chan kawaii?

Haruka might be amazing, but Touma is just awesome. He She felt absolutely no shame in showing off her body even in the presence of a male, unless of course, Touma had completely forgotten than Mako-chan is really a boy.

Touma is GAR!


Minami Touma

Kana is actually showing some sensibility!

But I have to say, it’s impossible to imagine Makoto in those manly clothes but it was easy to imagine her him in a kimono. Let me just say now that there hasn’t been such an epic gender crisis in an anime since Ranma ½.

Aftermath of Yoshino's plot

Mako-chan trying to remove his underwear in a room full of girls, oh my!

And Yoshino. I’ve gained new found respect for her. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that Yoshino was capable of creating such a catastrophic situation using a single sentence, with a straight face to boot! One has to wonder after watching that whether or not she had said that on purpose just to find out who the kimono belongs to or was it a purely coincidence discovery.

Call Bonanza in Minami-ke

It’s obvious that the guys in Minami-ke never has it easy, but Fujioka probably has it the roughest. Of all people, he had to choose the 100% certified bakayaro, Kana. He should have tried again at night instead of just giving up. But knowing his luck with Kana, he probably wouldn’t be able to get through anyway.

I was soooo disappointed that Haruka and Chiaki-sama decided to drink the special “juice” instead of stripping, especially after they continued to lose and had to drink more. Instead, they got drunk and Haruka turned banchou-mode before she started crying like a little kid while Chiaki-sama…

Chiaki-sama Hair Dance

I’ve been wondering for the longest time about that hair standing up like that. This is probably due to Chiyo-chan’s influence from Azumanga Daioh, but I’ve always been thinking that Chiaki-sama might be able to perform some tricks with her hair. Now, right at the very end of the first series, she finally proved that she can!

All hail Chiaki-sama!

But the best part of this final episode is Kana being on the receiving end of a rape kiss attempt by Hayami-senpai, which brings us all back to the first episode with the legendary chase scene and awesome camera angles as Kana tried to rape kiss Chiaki-sama. It made me feel as if we’ve just made one big round back to the beginning again.

Everyone in Minami-ke is broken!

“Holy crap! They’re all broken!”

Hayami x Kana kiss attack

It’s too bad Chiaki-sama is unconscious…

Kana pwned!

Kana pwned!

Minami-ke has been what I would describe as the best anime of 2007. My only real gripe is that they should have introduced Touma way, wayyy earlier and that its only 13 episodes long.

But it seems that all is not lost. Peeking around in the anime blogosphere had revealed that Minami-ke Okawari isn’t as bad as everyone had initially thought. The art might be weaker than the original, but they’ve brought back the same seiyuu cast so it’s now something that I look forward to watch.

Hopefully, just maybe, by the end of Okawari, a true sequel to this original Minami-ke series will come true.

Minami-ke: Ninomiya-kun and Sensei

It’s nice to know that Ninomiya-kun and sensei finally got wise about that damned car and got married.

Minami Haruka Banchou Mode

“Don’t think this is the last you’ll see of me…”

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Minami-ke Episode 12

Posted by Dyna-Storm in Minami-ke on January 4th, 2008

Of Christmas and Eves

Rating 7.5/10

Minami-ke Episode 12

I find that this episode is pretty mild compared to the previous two where they are a lot funnier and wackier. At least this episode concludes my previous speculation on the eldest Minami brothers. It is a no brainer that he too is a baka, similar to Natsuki.

Minami-ke Episode 12

Anyone of you believe in Sandy Claws Santa Clause when you are a small kid ? For me, I only remember Santa being an important icon for Christmas but I didn’t really care much. Apparently Chiaki seems to believe in Santa but her dreams shattered upon seeing the “truth”, thanks to Takeru. This can serve as a reminder to all current and future dads. If you are playing Santa, make sure you lock the door before putting on your costume. Wouldn’t want your kids to know the truth no? 😛

There are only a few interesting parts in this episode; events involving santa, baka minds of the three Minami brothers and definitely the origins of that freaky teddy bear. Apart from that, Fujioka sure looks pitiful. His plans to pass Kana a christmas present failed miserably. Better luck next time mate!

Kawaii Kana

Kawaii(?) Kana

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Minami-ke Episode 11

Posted by Dyna-Storm in Minami-ke on December 27th, 2007

Neighbour Minami-san

Rating: 9/10

Minami Akira

Yet another fantastic episode from Minami-ke where we are introduced to Touma’s three whacky brothers. Not much detail were shown for the eldest brother, but the two younger siblings are definitely certified bakas (especially the 2nd brother). I have a hunch that the eldest bro isn’t much different from the rest of them.

Minami-ke Episode 11

Although this episode is mainly to serve as an introduction for the Minami brothers, the main highlight is definitely on Fujioka living up to his ‘Banchou’ reputation. This is the first time in the history of Minami-ke that we see an ULTRA rare sight of Fujioka being serious. I was laughing my head off at the part where he confronts Akira over his “confession” on Kana. A real Banchou in the making definitely.

Natsuki provides plenty of laughter as well. His personality strongly resembles Hosaka, which makes you wonder why all the cool guys in Minami-ke are idiots. Putting that aside, I sure wouldn’t mind being in Natsuki’s shoes. Any guy would love to have their faces fall flat on a hot girl’s “pillows”. By the way, whats with him and making dinner???

Natsuki on Haruka's

Hmm … soft~!

Kana has once again proved that she knows Haruka inside out like a book. With complete accuracy, she recites a scenario of why Haruka ended up sleeping on the floor. Pretty scary to believe that the everyday Chiaki-sama certified Bakayaro Kana is that good.

Haruka On The Floor

Yoohoo Haruka~ Wakey wakey!

Before I sign off, I will leave with you the two best scenes of Minami-ke episode 11.

Haruka's Cleavage Part 1

Haruka's Cleavage Part 2

Minami Haruka’s cleavage FTW!

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Minami-ke Episode 10

Posted by Neko Kyou in Minami-ke on December 18th, 2007

Boy X Girl

Rating: 9.5/10

Minami-ke Episode 10

I have not laughed so hard, so long, so insanely since… I really don’t remember. This is easily the best Minami-ke episode right now and I’m still laughing thinking about it. It’s been bugging me for the longest time, but I’ve always wondered who the heck was the boy who was tossing Chiaki-sama up and down after (seemingly) lost to her in a video game. Apparently, she is Minami Touma.

Minami-ke Episode 10

First, we had Mako-chan who dresses up as a girl. Now, we have Touma who dresses up as a boy. This realization quickly had me down on the floor, rolling around in a laughing fit. The world of Minami-ke had officially turned topsy-turvy. In a hilarious way, of course.

Chiaki-sama provided a great laugh through her unwillingness to lose at anything, even for something as trivial as the date of birth. But it’s ironic that Chiaki-sama had Touma to become a guy is exactly the same as Kana having Makoto pretending to be a girl. She may not be happy about it, but Chiaki-sama is without a doubt Kana’s little sister with the same genes and unfortunately, somewhat similar whacky ideas. Oh, the horror!

Minami Kana Evil Grin

OMG Evil Kana!

And as usual, Makoto never makes any sense. That boy seriously has no brain in his head and only thinks with his mouth. But at least he provided plenty of laughs and amusement here hiding under the kotatsu, although Kana probably had much more fun from the looks of it. I’m amazed neither Chiaki-sama nor Haruka noticed how much Mako-chan look like Makoto with his/her messed up hair.

Makoto and Touma would make a perfect couple together. All they need to do is make sure Touma stays as a boy and Mako-chan stays as a girl.

Minami Chiaki-sama and Touma

I swear Minami-ke is full of scenes like this… I should do a post highlighting all of them once the series is over *Kana evil grin*

I’m still laughing. And to think that I watched this a few days ago.

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12 Days of X’mas and the First Day

Posted by Neko Kyou in Random Fun on December 14th, 2007

Ouran High Host Club

“Irashaimase… Kurisumasu paati wa yokosou!”

Starting today, for the next 12 days, members of the Anime Blogging Collective (A.B.C.) will be going through 12 great moments of this year’s anime, one a day. The themes might vary from member to member, but the general idea will stay the same – over the next 12 days, we will be posting a favourite or best moment from any anime we’ve watched this year every day until Christmas.

The idea was suggested by CCYoshi and you can check out Owen’s post for more info about the A.B.C. and the 12 Days of Christmas anime style. 0rion had started early and had already finished his 12 days here.

For me, I’m going to do 12 unforgettable moments in anime this year, in no particular order.

And let’s begin the countdown…

On the first day of Christmas, my anime gave to me…

Teruterubouzu Chiaki-sama

A Chiaki-sama hanging in the air.

This is still my favourite scene in Minami-ke, and one of my favourite moments in anime for 2007. While the idea of wrapping Chiaki-sama in a white sheet and hanging her in the air as an ad-hoc teru teru bouzu is possibly the best idea Kana ever had and is worthy of being praised as one of this year’s best scene in an anime (according to me), the true reason why a teru teru bouzu Chiaki-sama is just awesome is because… it actually worked!

And if you’re wondering, teru teru bouzu Chiaki-sama is the reason why I started to address her with the -sama honorific. Doing everything she can for Haruka and everything she can against Kana, Chiaki-sama graces us with her presence on this first day.

Teruterubouzu Chiaki-sama

“All hail Chiaki-sama!”

And oh, hope you like the snow effect :)

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