Next up, Xellos!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Slayers on July 31st, 2008

Xellos is back~

This post is almost a week late, but no matter, because in about 2 more days we’ll finally get to see Xellos making his appearance. Based on past experiences, Xellos showing up would mean that we’ll finally get to know which Dard Lord/Evil Dragon is threatening to destroy the world and only Lina could help stop him.

Pokota actually looks cute this way XD

Pokota looks cuter this way, don’t you think? XD

Pokota seems to be on a secret mission to destroy the mage-tanks or else something bad is going to happen. But honestly, why are those things such a threat, especially when Lina could just easily Dragon Slave everything to dust without breaking a sweat. Thus, my conclusion is that the mage-tanks don’t really play that big a role in whoever the new villain is and that these tanks will soon be turned into useless cannon fodders.


This screenshot is just so painful to my eyes…

I don’t think there’s any other “good guys” around that I would like to see dead other than Amelia. She was annoying back when she was first introduced, she continued to be annoying throughout the series until Slayers Try, and she’s still one annoying girl here in Revolution.

When Amelia was confirmed to be in Slayers Revolution, I cringed instinctively, though I didn’t really know why. Hey, it had been a loooong, long time since I last watched Slayers. But now I remembered why I cringed that day. Someone needs to kill Amelia.

Zelgadis gone mad?

Zelgadis gone mad!

Also, was Zelgadis this crazy and so easily manipulated last time? I remembered him to be calm and cool, or did he spent too much time around Lina and Amelia and they drove him insane?

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