Shakugan no Shana II Episode 15

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Rating :9/10

Shakugan no Shana II Episode 15OMG

Silver’s hand manage to pierce through Pheles, badly wounding her and from there started to drain her powers. Then slowly as though Silver was empowered by the power he drained, half of his torso was outside of Yuji’s body. Meanwhile Konoe and her servant is moving in the Fuzetsu normally, ready to be reveal her true nature and purpose. An unexpected scene shown in Seireiden, Silver’s body is traped in chains but missing from head and half a torso. Just how much is Bal Masqué involve in this.

Shakugan no Shana II Episode 15

In the midst of the confusion, Konoe flew to Yuji and summoned Hecate’s staff which with it, sealed the Reiji Maigo that resides in Yuji. Confused and shocked, Shana and Margery tried to rush to help but was stopped by Fecor so could do nothing but look. Then finally Hecate herself made her appearances and approaches Konoe. As Hecate resummons back her Faux vessel, Konoe slowly disappears back into Hecate and bringing her the memories she collected. Konoe no longer exist after that, meanwhile Hecate intended to destroy Yuji.

Shana manage to prevent Hecate from destroying Yuji but a turnabout happened. Johan manage to materialize himself and met up with his eternal lover, Pheles. It seems it is the end of Yuji as Johan and Pheles rose up to the sky. After a little talk, Johan started to transfer his power of existence to Pheles at an alarming rate. As though Johan suicided, he goes back to the Reiji Maigo again and Yuji appeared back unharmed. With those turn of events, Hecate retreats but is not means it is the end of her. Pheles also decides to leave the Reiji Maigo alone for now as to prepare for herself for something in the future that will engulf everyone.


I am not the weak naive girl you knew.

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