Ato Saizo (Mr. Outside)

Don’t let his innocent look fool you… He’s the damn old man who’s responsible for everything!

Just finished watching Eden of the Easy Movie 2: Paradise Lost.

The movie started right where King of Eden left off, and the story moved on pretty well for most of the movie. And just when you think Eden of the East will finally end nicely, it gives you everything but a good or happy ending.

Takizawa Akira & Morimi Saki

It’s like the scriptwriters built everything up to a nice and satisfying finish, and suddenly deciding to screw with the fans by dropping everything midway. Takizawa’s birth origins were never made clear and he left Saki without giving her any way to contact him … to chase down Ato Saizo (Mr. Outside) just to give him a whack on the head with a slipper.

Come on, seriously?

Did you really have to abandon the girl you like just to hunt for some old geezer? Now I’m the one who’d like to whack him with a slipper… of the wooden variety. Honestly speaking, that kinda ruined it for me.

Satoshi Osugi

Satoshi Osugi

Yes, my reactions exactly!

To make matters worse, he went on with Ato Saizo to continue talking about how they could improve the country, and the story ends with the Selecao phones reactivating and all 12 icons turning back on with Juiz calling. Unless they’re planning on releasing something else after this to tie up loose ends, the series would just leave a bad taste my in mouth – which wouldn’t be the first time either.

Takizawa Akira

No, I won’t admit it’s a good movie… I won’t…

Oh who am I kidding? Eden of the East Movie 2: Paradise Lost is a great movie! But if it weren’t for the teasing ending, I might have rated it a perfect 10.

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7 Comments to “Eden of the East, Why Do You Tease Us So!”

  1. Brenda | May 12th, 2011 at 7:10 am

    Agh! Takizawa’s such a LOSER! -__-
    I just watched the movie. It was fun, but seriously?! Why did he leave AGAIN?! I really hope he ended up going back.

  2. Sam | June 19th, 2011 at 11:45 am

    Hmm…now this is only an assumption I’ve made off past movies and their meanings, but maybe possibly…IF this movie is really the end…maybe they left it like that for a PURPOSE? Ya know? Like spreading a message across to us – the audience? Maybe the movie ended like that to have us think a little about what we just watched…and being that the movie shows almost exactly the real world economic side of things and political side of things…maybe there is a lesson to be learned from it? Maybe the producers were hoping that we could be at least SOMETHING from this movie…

    Of course, that is just made purely on assumptions. =]

  3. Matt | August 11th, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    Well i have to say i really enjoyed both the series and the two movies. i would be lying if i said i wasn’t disappointed just a little about the end however. i don’t know but i think i ultimately have a problem with imagining my own ending, kinda want to feel all warm and cozy at the end and move on to the next exciting series. haha it really sucks cause i’m still thinking about the story line and the miniature emotional roller coaster that i was on even weeks after finishing. oh well. in order to help ease my suffering i thought what could possibly be the aim of the developers in creating such an unconventional ending, and it brought me back to what the entire theme was about, change. what i mean to say is that from beginning to end each savior made specific actions in an attempt to create a catalyst for change (i.e. missiles, becoming a king, medical innovations, the killings of evil men and their jonnys haha) that would lend to the creation of a better society as a whole. so how could there really be an end? it is a story of how individuals, from all walks of life, bring about a transition from a broken, outdated, and perhaps corrupt societal structure to one that breeds innovation and forward thinking. one of the ideas presented in the second movie suggested that in order for there to be change the old needs to give way to the new, to transfer responsibility to the upcoming generation in order to maintain unity and advancement. this is true for the success of any society. it can be represented by the two groups shaking hands at the end of the movie. and if i were to compare this way of thinking to a realistic example, i would link this to the way the Singaporean government is structured. in a nut shell (a very large and vague nut shell) Singapore focuses on the implementation of new-age processes as well as “replacing” it’s militaristic, political, and social infrastructure with the new generation that will become its successor. without this transfer of power the unity and fluidity of a nation will be at risk. however this is just an idea, and to be honest i feel weird making this sort of analysis on just an anime series. lol :)
    to talk a little about the very end where all the phones reactivated, i had to smile at this. because i feel without that little tid-bit the ending would become inconsistent with the theme. i believe it to be more of a message directed towards us, the audience. we are the NEETs of our world and it is through us that change, whether for the better or worse, will occur. in a sense it’s calling us to take up responsibility in making decisions that we see as the right decisions for the society that we live in. but the hopeless romantic in me still wants Takizawa and Saki to be together hahaha. to help put my mind to rest about this, i simply remembered that he promised her he would come back to her and gave her his phone. with the phones reactivated i’m sure he wouldn’t find it too difficult to locate her, especially cause he still has all his memories and Juiz 😉
    over all the ending has seemed to grow on me with each passing day. and ultimately i walked away from all of this with a small, newly lit ember burning in my stomach that is the tiny shred of hope i hold that perhaps i can make a difference, however small, in this world too. orrrrr it’s the spicy left over general tso’s chicken i had for breakfast … i digress. 😉
    i hope all is well and everyone found the series as enjoyable as i did 😀

  4. Bodhi | April 28th, 2012 at 2:40 am


  5. Bodhi | April 28th, 2012 at 2:42 am

    the paradise onestarts after the first when they get on the plain righ cause i wsnt able to se any othr of the eden of te east movies i only got to see the first cuzz it was on netflix along with the episodes so where do i find te oher eden movies without buying them?

  6. Alex | November 5th, 2012 at 3:57 am

    Ok SOOOO!!!! I watched Eden of the East episodes 1-11…DAMN THOSE WERE GOOD, hell then watched eden of the east the king of eden for the first time…ok a bit slow moving throughout but decent…then i watch this pile of crap. Nothing changed but its over? Weren;t there many more unknown sel-asy? (sorry i watched every eden film today, not a super fan-boy). I mean it was just a dissapointing end.

  7. Jason | April 13th, 2013 at 11:51 am

    I’m actually pretty angry at this ending, it was amazing all wrapping up like it did. but then of course takkun just up and leaves saki. i understand that the romance part was just a flavor addition but still…. you don’t win the girl and leave her, what the hell kind of prince-sama does that. maybe repeated brain wipes left him as less of a man


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