CLAMP Chronicle III – X & Chobits

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Recap –

  1. Magic Knight Rayearth (Released 1994)
  2. CLAMP School Detectives (Released 1995)
  3. Cardcaptor Sakura (Released 1998)
  4. Angelic Layer (Released 2001)

X (Released 2001)

X (CLAMP) Probably CLAMP’s most violent work to date, there are plenty of gore and deaths in the series. The original manga series was put on hold due to the nature of the ending and the natural disasters that had hit Japan at the time.

This happens to be one of CLAMP’s work which I did not read or watch, partly due to the incompleteness of the original story. However, I’ve heard that the story is really great despite the level of blood and violence shown, especially in the manga version.

The story is about a boy, Shiro Kamui, who must choose whether he would join one of the two factions; Dragons of Heaven, to protect humanity or Dragons of Earth, to destroy humanity so that the Earth could be reborn. Kamui chose to join the Dragons of Heaven in order to protect his 2 best friends, but fate had decided that one of them would join the opposing force to go against himself.

While the manga was put on hiatus and had not ended, the anime ended with its own conclusion of the series and only time will tell the accuracy of this ending compared to the manga version.

Grab X/1999

Chobits (Released 2002)


One of CLAMP’s funniest so far (it made top 10 in my list of funniest anime), Chobits became a quick hit, especially among the guys. Having such a cute and adorable Persocom like Chii is somewhat a dream come true. And there’s loads of panty jokes too.

Chobits share the same world as Angelic Layer. Set a few years after the end of Angelic Layer, Mihara Ichiro used the technology he had used to create Angels to come up with something much larger, Persocoms. Minoru’s older sister appears to be Kaede from Angelic Layer as well, the user of Blanche.

Hideki’s perverted yet innocent ways along with Chii’s naivety makes an excellent duo in this series. The fact that Hideki was a farm boy made it even more hilarious as he is clueless about city life and high-tech gadgets such as Persocoms, often making an idiot of himself in public.

While wishing to own a Persocom, he stumbled upon one which was left near a lamp post along with other thrown out rubbish. Elated with his good luck, he managed to bring the thrown out Persocom home after much effort and spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to activate it.

When he finally managed to do so, he realized that the only thing the Persocom could say was “Chii”, and he decided to call her just that. Since Chii’s memory were lost (or rather, dropped…) Hideki had to teach Chii from the very beginning, including speech. This makes up a major part of the story in the first half of Chobits. The 2nd half of the story revolves around Chii’s mysterious past, who strangely resembles the legendary Chobits 01.


Hideki began to pick up clues scattered around regarding Chii’s true identity and finally managed to discover the hidden truth behind the Chobits legend.

Overall a great anime to watch. Interesting and funny plot, it’s quite engaging and anyone who likes anime would probably end up liking Chobits as well.

Grab Chobits

Coming Next…

The final part of CLAMP Chronicle, featuring 2 of CLAMP’s current works which are still on-going, one of which inspired the title of this article series…

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2 Comments to “CLAMP Chronicle III – X & Chobits”

  1. Goddess Carlie | July 29th, 2007 at 8:43 am

    Chobits is another manga I’ve read but not seen the tv series. I did enjoy Chobits, although all the “panties” sort of stuff did take me out of the story a bit (like it kept on telling me I’m not it’s target audience… if that makes sense). It was good but I didn’t enjoy it enough to want to watch the anime.

  2. Neko Kyou | July 29th, 2007 at 10:05 am

    lol yeah there’s really quite a lot of panty jokes in Chobits. It’s geared more towards the guys and I know most of them like it, me included 😀

    The anime follows the manga quite closely, except for the ending where a few things were changed. I prefer the manga ending anyway so you won’t really be missing out if you’ve read the manga.


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