It’s official… Dumbledore is Gay!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Random Fun, Rants on October 21st, 2007

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Full story here and here.

Wow… What the heck was J.K. Rowling thinking?

Whatever it was, this certainly puts a twist on things. I will never look at Dumbledore the same way ever again. But it seems that most fans are taking this as a good thing as the audience applauded after a short gasp.

I’ve always thought if any, he would have ended up with Prof. McGonagall. Guess I was wrong. As for Dumbledore being revealed as gay now, I guess it puts an interesting twist and shed more light on his story with Grindelwald. Now I wonder how Grindelwald felt 😛

But why reveal it now?

Besides the fact that she had to set the script for the 6th movie straight, she didn’t really need to announce it publicly. She might have revealed this bit of information to help continue the Harry Potter buzz a few months after the final book was released. Well, maybe.

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