Shakugan no Index-tan… Eh, Wait…

Posted by Neko Kyou in Random Fun on February 9th, 2009

To Aru Majutsu no Index-tan

Shakugan no To Aru Majutsu no Index-tan


Quote Index-tan: “That’s because the publisher and studio are the same!”

J.C. Staff must have been pretty bored to come up with Shana-tan, so they’re probably WAY beyond bored when they decided to make an Index-tan. Not that I’m complaining, it’s funny and entertaining, and I don’t mind more of this chibified insanity.

To Aru Majutsu no Index-tan

“uruchai, uruchai, uruchai!”

Index-tan even did the “uruchai, uruchai, uruchai” sequence on top of Touma’s head. It would have been better if Shana-tan had made an appearance and told Index-tan to “uruchai”. Hmm, now there’s an idea for J.C. Staff the next time they have nothing better to do.

Or they could also do a Zero no Louis-tan. It will be exactly like Shana-tan, just in a slightly different setting. And instead of demanding Saito to “chut up”, she would start barking out that he’s a tiny widdle puppy.

To Aru Majutsu no Index-tan

I wonder if that meant she trashed Atsushi Abe (Touma’s seiyuu) as well…

Shizuka Ito (Kanzaki’s seiyuu) got pissed drunk at the launch party of the series and vented all her frustrations on a poor abused Touma when asked about it here. I lost it at this point and started to laugh like a mad man. If you did too, then welcome to the club.

To Aru Majutsu no Index-tan

Damn, now I’m hungry for nasi goreng too…

I hope there’s more XD

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6 Comments to “Shakugan no Index-tan… Eh, Wait…”

  1. Keiri | February 9th, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    I wonder if that meant she trashed Atsushi Abe (Touma’s seiyuu) as well…

    If my lousy memory serves me right, she was doing questionable things to Itou Noizi instead in one of the Shana parties.

    So far from the various radio episodes I’ve listened to, and entries in the blogs and reports I’ve read, I’ve yet to come across an entry which mentioned about an Index party where Shizu-sama unleashed her drunken self. I only vaguely recall a Shana one and boy, was Shizu-sama crazy that night when she was trying to fire up the mood. Poor Itou Noizi… 😉

    Then again, I could have missed out on a few other reports too. And who knows, this could have recently happened during the production of Index-tan but was not reported yet. ^^;;;

  2. Neko Kyou | February 11th, 2009 at 12:25 am

    Sounds like she does this pretty often. What exactly are these… questionable things she did… You’ve got me curious now xD

    I didn’t even know they were doing an Index-tan. It just suddenly appeared. Was it ever announced?

  3. Keiri | February 13th, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    Hugging… Clinging… Licking… Hmm… Do they sound questionable? ^__^?

    And yes, she does it pretty often whether she’s drunk or not, just that she’s more daring and aggressive in the touch-feely sense when she’s intoxicated.

    About Index-tan, yes, it was announced before, in the middle of December 2008 through the series’ web radio. It could have been stated in the official website and Anime magazines but I was too lazy to check back then. ^^;;;

  4. Neko Kyou | February 16th, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    I think that’s beyond questionable lol

    But I wouldn’t mind being on the receiving end of her “wrath” when she’s drunk tho XD

  5. bubblebumble | March 20th, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    hey there’s a small Taiga reference too lol wonder why u didnt put it there :)) *palmtop tiger* *pawns* lol

  6. benzo | May 11th, 2009 at 12:25 am

    nasi goreng = 炒饭


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