Mocha Sneak Preview

Posted by Neko Kyou in Random Fun on February 5th, 2008

Mocha, Nezumi and Kyuu

Mocha & Friends (From left: Kyuu, Nezumi, Mocha)

Something interesting is coming soon to Carbunkid’s (aka Kid) blog over at the Pink Corn. If you’ve been there before, you’ve probably noticed that she’s quite an artist and she loves to draw animal characters.

After I agreed to help her with the scripts, she finally gave in to my suggestion to try to draw her own web comic series featuring the 3 characters featured above. The first strip has already been completed and the 2nd strip is also near completion. The 3rd and 4th shouldn’t take too long to complete as well.

The first strip will probably go live within the next couple of days along with her new theme and I hope you would check it out when it does. I’m sure you would enjoy it 😉

Update: The first strip is now live. You can check now check it out @ Mocha & Friends.

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