The Immortal Colasour

He’s the type of character who started off as someone you’d love to get a hold of to stab, hammer and choke until he dies, but somehow once you start to accept him as a comic relief with no real reason to be there, he grows on you like how fungus grows on your bread – you like exactly like it but it still happens.

When everyone thought he has finally kicked the bucket in the previous episode, I continued to believe in his insane luck at staying alive despite the odds without as much as a scratch. And he pulled through.

Patrick and Katie’s marriage immediately reminded me of another somewhat mismatched couple – Johnny and Meryl in MGS4. In fact, both couples are actually similar. The bride is the higher ranking, no-nonsense and generally the one in charge while the groom is the happy go lucky comic relief character of the show.

Exia vs 0 Gundam

The final showdown between Setsuna and Ribbons is probably one of the rare stroke of genius that comes along once in a while in Sunrise. It’s quite a proven formula that going all out in the finale and eventually stripping everything down to the basics works. It worked in MGS4 (Old Snake vs Liquid Ocelot), it worked in Gurren Lagann and it worked here.

Having 00-Raiser vs Reborn Cannon, and ending it with Exia vs 0 Gundam was just brilliant. This is easily the best and most entertaining mecha showdown I’ve seen since Gurren Lagann.

I mean, can you believe it? Sunrise didn’t introduce even more overpowered suits like I had originally thought when Sumeragi called for “R2” to be sent. They got a downgrade instead, and what satisfying downgrade that was. Although, it seems Exia was somewhat improved with a new blade. And I still prefer Rogue Exia.

When Gundam 00 first started, I was very critical of it. Looking back now, yes it still sucks for the most parts but at least now I’m proud to say that I liked the series. It was entertaining and I can’t wait for the movie to be out next year.

Allelujah / Hallelujah Haptism

Hallelujah finally gets to show his stuff in S2, too bad he got pwned soon after…

I think Allelujah/Hallelujah is the most talented pilot in Gundam 00 before Setsuna turned Innovator. There’s Ribbons too, but he only fought in the final episode and only against Innovator Setsuna. He’s probably better than H/Allelujah, but overall H/Allelujah’s fight has always been much more entertaining and he usually always win right before he gets pwned.

You don’t often get a crazy, insane pilot such as him on the good side, especially in a Gundam series. Those roles are usually filled in by some experimental or just plain insane pilots from the enemy’s side.

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