Minami-ke Episode 11

Posted by Dyna-Storm in Minami-ke on December 27th, 2007

Neighbour Minami-san

Rating: 9/10

Minami Akira

Yet another fantastic episode from Minami-ke where we are introduced to Touma’s three whacky brothers. Not much detail were shown for the eldest brother, but the two younger siblings are definitely certified bakas (especially the 2nd brother). I have a hunch that the eldest bro isn’t much different from the rest of them.

Minami-ke Episode 11

Although this episode is mainly to serve as an introduction for the Minami brothers, the main highlight is definitely on Fujioka living up to his ‘Banchou’ reputation. This is the first time in the history of Minami-ke that we see an ULTRA rare sight of Fujioka being serious. I was laughing my head off at the part where he confronts Akira over his “confession” on Kana. A real Banchou in the making definitely.

Natsuki provides plenty of laughter as well. His personality strongly resembles Hosaka, which makes you wonder why all the cool guys in Minami-ke are idiots. Putting that aside, I sure wouldn’t mind being in Natsuki’s shoes. Any guy would love to have their faces fall flat on a hot girl’s “pillows”. By the way, whats with him and making dinner???

Natsuki on Haruka's

Hmm … soft~!

Kana has once again proved that she knows Haruka inside out like a book. With complete accuracy, she recites a scenario of why Haruka ended up sleeping on the floor. Pretty scary to believe that the everyday Chiaki-sama certified Bakayaro Kana is that good.

Haruka On The Floor

Yoohoo Haruka~ Wakey wakey!

Before I sign off, I will leave with you the two best scenes of Minami-ke episode 11.

Haruka's Cleavage Part 1

Haruka's Cleavage Part 2

Minami Haruka’s cleavage FTW!

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Minami-ke Episode 10

Posted by Neko Kyou in Minami-ke on December 18th, 2007

Boy X Girl

Rating: 9.5/10

Minami-ke Episode 10

I have not laughed so hard, so long, so insanely since… I really don’t remember. This is easily the best Minami-ke episode right now and I’m still laughing thinking about it. It’s been bugging me for the longest time, but I’ve always wondered who the heck was the boy who was tossing Chiaki-sama up and down after (seemingly) lost to her in a video game. Apparently, she is Minami Touma.

Minami-ke Episode 10

First, we had Mako-chan who dresses up as a girl. Now, we have Touma who dresses up as a boy. This realization quickly had me down on the floor, rolling around in a laughing fit. The world of Minami-ke had officially turned topsy-turvy. In a hilarious way, of course.

Chiaki-sama provided a great laugh through her unwillingness to lose at anything, even for something as trivial as the date of birth. But it’s ironic that Chiaki-sama had Touma to become a guy is exactly the same as Kana having Makoto pretending to be a girl. She may not be happy about it, but Chiaki-sama is without a doubt Kana’s little sister with the same genes and unfortunately, somewhat similar whacky ideas. Oh, the horror!

Minami Kana Evil Grin

OMG Evil Kana!

And as usual, Makoto never makes any sense. That boy seriously has no brain in his head and only thinks with his mouth. But at least he provided plenty of laughs and amusement here hiding under the kotatsu, although Kana probably had much more fun from the looks of it. I’m amazed neither Chiaki-sama nor Haruka noticed how much Mako-chan look like Makoto with his/her messed up hair.

Makoto and Touma would make a perfect couple together. All they need to do is make sure Touma stays as a boy and Mako-chan stays as a girl.

Minami Chiaki-sama and Touma

I swear Minami-ke is full of scenes like this… I should do a post highlighting all of them once the series is over *Kana evil grin*

I’m still laughing. And to think that I watched this a few days ago.

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Minami-ke Episode 9

Posted by Neko Kyou in Minami-ke on December 14th, 2007

Three Sister’s Weather

Rating: 9/10

Minami-ke Episode 9

Yet another excellent episode from Minami-ke, I can’t help but wonder if the director had been influenced by Valve’s Portal from The Orange Box on the cake. The cake is a lie! There is no cake for Kana.

Minami-ke Episode 9

Loads of undressing here, whether willingly or otherwise. As if the pants pulling wasn’t enough, the 3 Minami sisters started to try out each other’s school uniform. Seems like Kana has the worse shape among the sisters, even Chiaki-sama seemed to be “developing” better than her. To think Haruka was even worried about it a while ago. She should be more worried about Kana, but is it just me or does no one really care about Kana except Fujioka?

I didn’t really expect Chiaki-sama to actually write a 10,000 word report on why Kana is a bakayaro. I would have loved to see some of the stuff she wrote in there. I bet there’s an entire section on how Kana doesn’t even realize that neither Chiaki-sama nor Haruka don’t really care much for her. Ignorance might be bliss for her, though. I wonder what her reaction would be like when the truth finally dawned upon her. Or maybe it’s her nonchalant behaviour that had encouraged her sisters to not take her seriously in the first place.

Kinda ironic that I’m mentioning Kana’s ignorance here, since she actually showed some real emotion for once and even cried. Although, that might have been a trick to get Haruka to make her yet another pie as well. Nah, probably not. Kana did look sincere, for her standard anyway.

Minami-ke Episode 9

“It doesn’t matter where you look… The cake is a lie…

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Minami-ke Episode 8

Posted by Neko Kyou in Minami-ke on December 2nd, 2007


Rating: 7/10

Minami-ke Episode 8

I didn’t really like this episode, but mostly because I feel the same way about Hosaka as Maki does. I just can’t stand him, especially his crazy fantasies. He’s funny in small doses, but any more is just plain annoying.

Minami-ke Episode 8

At least Hayami was able to balance out some of Hosaka’s annoying personality and keep things somewhat funny like when she found out the lunch box she was eating was prepared by Hosaka himself.

Someone should set Kana loose on him, but maybe not even she would be a match against this bakayaro. But seriously, hasn’t Kana figured out that Chiaki-sama looks down on everyone (except Haruka), and especially her? Oh well, no wonder Kana is a 100% certified idiot by Chiaki-sama.

The only part I enjoyed in this episode is during the bubblegum segment. It took me a while before I managed to learn how to blow a bubble too last time, and there were a couple of instances when my gum flew out like Kana lol

Haruka's Godly Technique

Haruka’s Godly Technique – Blowing a bubble within a bubble

And is it even possible to do that? o.O

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Minami-ke Episode 7

Posted by Neko Kyou in Minami-ke on November 27th, 2007

Many Faces

Rating: 8/10

Minami-ke Episode 7

We finally know the name of the odd man who first appeared in front of the Minami-ke’s front door back in episode 4. Along with the 3 sisters (who forgot how he was related to them) we also found out that Takeru is really their cousin. Poor guy, apparently they all started calling him “ojisan” thanks to Chiaki-sama.

Minami-ke Episode 7

The best “Sensei & Ninomiya-kun” episode has got to be the one showed in this episode. The last minute twist with the car avoiding the doctor and heading straight for the unlucky couple had me burst out laughing.

But the best part of this episode has got to be the revealing of the first generation banchou in Kana’s school and the legends of Minami Haruka. The mini-story at the end where they showed what really happened in one of the “legends” was very entertaining as well, and we got to see a chibi version (actually, younger version) of Chiaki-sama and Kana.

Minami-ke: Takeru Retrained

Damn… What I wouldn’t give to be in Takeru’s position right now…

I noticed that the guys in Minami-ke are always having a rough time with the exception of Hosaka who is probably the only character in the series more dense than Kana.

Fujioka is probably the unluckiest one among them – of all the people he had to develop a crush on Kana. He’s probably going to suffer a lot more and a lot worse. The poor guy, he deserved much better.

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