Code Geass Going Beyond Expection

Posted by Neko Kyou in Code Geass on August 13th, 2008

Guren SEITEN Hyakkyokuushiki Hashin!

Kinda reminds you of Gundam catapult launches, doesn’t it?

This has got to be the best episode ever for Code Geass. We have crazy non-stop action between the Knights of Round and the Black Knights. We are also given yet another reminder as to why Code Geass will NEVER have a good ending. The only way this series can end is probably with everyone dead, with Schneizel stealing Charles immortality and taking over the world.

Kallen Kouzuki

Kallen is back, looking 10 years younger to boot!

One of Sunrise’s mission in R2 must be to push out new or upgraded Knightmare Frames every other episode because Gurren Kashoshiki is now a thing of the past. Guren SEITEN Hakkyokuushiki is now the biggest, baddest, Knightmare Frame in the series. At least until Lancelot gets its upgrade, which should be introduced by episode 21 at this rate.

The New and Improved Guren (Again)

It’s a red Freedom with Wings of Light!

The way Lloyd called Kallen a thief for stealing the upgraded Guren came across as funny to me, since he technically “stole” the Knightmare from Kallen in the first place. Rakshata also seemed to be rather unhappy about the “pudding” earl’s modification to her baby.

A lot of people are now dead, the Black Knights are set for betrayal and Lelouch has lost his reason to fight. Sunrise actually did it. The blind loli was NOT immune after all. They actually killed off Nunnally! *weeps*

NUNNALLY~~~ *weeps*

Ahh… the look of utter despair of knowing what’s coming next…

Even though it should have been obvious to Lelouch that Rolo can’t really be trusted, he went ahead and sent him, of all people, to rescue Nunnally. But that wasn’t how Nunnally perished. No, Sunrise thought it wouldn’t have been epic enough for Code Geass. They had Suzaku, under the influence of Lelouch’s Geass, to fire FREIA and nuke off not only a huge chunk of the city, but Nunnally as well.

But Suzaku is very much to take the blame as well. He, of all people, should have known that the “Live on” Geass will kick in to prevent him from becoming a sitting duck waiting to be made into dinner. With that in mind, it was dead obvious that he will make use of FREIA.

He has been getting from bad to worse lately. He could have tried to make up for his mistake earlier, but decided to conveniently push all the blame to Zero once more and thinks that everything will be settled if he just takes out Lelouch. Ironically, this time it was he who created the ultimate disaster, not Lelouch.

Then again, this is Sunrise, so it’s still possible that Nunnally lived somehow or other. Rolo made it out alive and he was nearby Nunnally. Sayoko was right there with Nunnally as well. She might have more ninja tricks up her sleeve that we have not seen yet. I want Nunnally back 😥


“For Orange is my name of Loyalty!”

I now have renewed respect for Jeremiah, simply because he’s adopted Orange-kun as his title of loyalty. All hail Orange-kun! He has become one of my favourite character in Code Geass in R2.

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Long Live the Emperor!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Code Geass on July 24th, 2008

C.C. & Charles dance

I’m so curious now… Did Charles did this with V.V. as well?

I’ve always thought that Lelouch wanted to find the truth behind his mother’s murder, but when the chance came, he used it to have Charles shoot himself. Not only was that rash, it didn’t work very well. On the other hand, if he had gotten Charles to spill the truth, at least he would have known what really happened. No, he wasted it on the now immortal Charles.

And I was right! Charles did screw V.V. Sure it might seem like he wanted death, but he sure didn’t look all that happy about it in the end.

Geass Mirrored

Geass = Laser that can bounce off reflective surfaces.

When Charles was under the influence of Geass and shot himself, I knew that it was too easy to be true. But for one short moment, maybe about 3 seconds, I thought that it might actually be true. I mean, this is Sunrise and Code Geass we’re talking about. If they can screw it up, they probably will. If they don’t, they’ll screw up somewhere even more. They did, but with C.C. instead.

While it would be extremely bad for Lelouch and the Black Knights with C.C. in her… vulnerable state, personally I would probably prefer to have this version of C.C. 😀

Charles Hands

“Talk to the hand. Come on, you know you want to!”

Villetta’s jumping off the cliff to shield Ohgi confirms that she’s not as cold-hearted as she would like others to think.

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Code Geass R2 Screwing Itself Up

Posted by Neko Kyou in Code Geass on July 15th, 2008

Pardon me being MIA the last couple of weeks. Had a short trip back home and Dyna was back as well with Kid so we spent most of our time playing MGS4 on our brand new PS3.

Shirley was shot!

Tragic death of a female character , checked.

Shirley’s death was somewhat expected actually. Suzaku lost Euphy in a glorious bloodbath massacre, so it was only natural to assume that Sunrise will do the same in R2, this time with Lelouch. C.C. is immortal, and she’s already been dead a dozen times at least. Nunnally’s death would have been epic on the same level as the massacre, but she’s too well protected and isolated. With Shirley regaining her memory, she was the most likely candidate if any.

While that was kinda expected, it appears that a few unexpected twists will be taking place soon. Charles timing to appear before V.V. and his expression hinted that he might just betray his brother for a grander scheme of his own. And Lelouch had already revealed himself to both V.V. and Charles, so it’s only a matter of time before his mask is broken for all to see.

Lelouch’s decision to raid and take out the Geass research facility left many of the Black Knights in doubts about his true motive. It’s quite obvious that there are some discerning voices within the ranks even among his most trusted men.

Kallen also appear as though she might defect to Suzaku’s side after Shirley’s death. Not something that I would ever imagine happening to be honest, but the hints are there and I for one am not happy about it.

So Kallen might screw Lelouch, Ohgi is going to get screwed by Diethard, Charles looks like he’s going to screw V.V., the Black Knights might screw Lelouch and Lelouch is definitely screwing Rollo.

Orange defecting to Zero was a nice touch. But having both Orange and Xingke on his side could only mean that Kallen might really switch sides to balance out the power.

Right now Code Geass R2 feels like a time bomb again, this time ticking even more slowly to an even greater disaster compared to everything we’ve been thrown at so far. That would explain why I’m feeling afraid of what the future of R2 will be bringing us…

Welcome to the stairway of Heaven?

You just know Charles is up to something big here…

And apparently Marianne had a part in the Geass research and knew C.C. before her death as well, back when Charles was younger and just crowned as Emperor of Britannia. Pretty sure that this fact will be haunting Lelouch later on.

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Now you see it….

Posted by Neko Kyou in Code Geass on June 24th, 2008

While I was having cc-gasm for the 10th time today, I noticed something.

Zero's Mask

And a few seconds later…

Zero's mask disappeared!

Zero has the comfiest cockpit of any Knightmare pilot in the Black Knights, as usual.

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Posted by Neko Kyou in Code Geass on June 24th, 2008

Zero finally redeemed himself and apparently had Rakshata built him a Knightmare Frame he could actually pilot by making it run on a *cough*KiraYamato*cough* keyboard. It also seems that he had planned this all along even from before he made away with Tianzi. I wonder if he had planned his failure to Xingke as well. And Malaysia and Singapore appears to be part of the Chinese Federation too. That makes Tianzi our Empress! O.O

A few weeks ago, we had the upgraded Guren fighting on par with Tristan and Mordred, and said Guren was pwned by Shen Hu. Naturally, you would think that Shen Hu is way above both Knight of Rounds Knightmare Frame, but apparently Tristan easily kept Shen Hu in check. Then appeared the Ichibi Shukaku Shinkirou and it’s zettai ryouki absolute protection territory that pretty much took out the entire Chinese force.

Zero finally won, a brand spanking new Knightmare Frame made its appearance, Xingke allying with the Black Knights, the girls going against the guys about Tianzi’s marriage idea and Kallen being tied up were great and all, but the best part of this awesome ep has got to be CC-gasm!

Delicious C.C.

No words can describe how absolutely awesome this is…


Except maybe CC-gasm~

Lelouch need his head checked. If C.C. was lying in front of my like that, I would have long lost my sanity, but Lelouch didn’t even flinch. I wonder if we could get a reaction out of him if that was either Suzaku or Nunnally there.

Kallen captive yummy

A new form of torture. Put food in front of a starving POW, then tie her up and gag her.

Suzaku, Suzaku. Next you’re gonna make Kallen wear leather and start whipping her, eh?

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