Clannad Episode 23 (Extra) Mei-chan FTW!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Clannad on March 30th, 2008

Extra: What Happened Over Summer Vacation

Clannad Episode 23 Extra

Rating: 9/10


This episode is just full of laughs with Mei around to really mess things up. I’ve come to a conclusion that Mei is a lot funnier than her brother, at the same time a whole lot brighter and tactful too.


That has gotta hurt…

Probably said this a thousand times before, but Nagisa is too honest for her own good. Tomoya probably thought he did the right thing to stop her from blurting out everything like that, but his actions is speaking a lot louder than what Nagisa’s word would have IMO.

Tomoya VS Kyou, Round 2


Which Clannad fan wouldn’t love to see Tomoya and Kyou taking it all out against each other, or even doing a tag team on Sunohara. Unfortunately, neither happened and chances are slim that it would happen in After Story either.

Kyou evil grin

There’s just something about this screenshot that feels so evil…

Mei is back!

Does Mei have metal teeth or something?

Mei is really good at deceiving people while at the same time being honest. She is probably the one and only person alive able to speak the truth about Sanae’s bread while making her think she did really well. A far cry from her poor excuse of a brother.

Mei is evil!

Nyeh heh heh…

For such a young kid, she can get dirty and be such a devil. I’m surprised Akio did not question how she did it instead of wondering how Sanae’s bun were sold out. If Akio ever finds out, I have a feeling he’s going to be using that technique a lot more frequently to the dismay of everyone else in the house.

Incest turns Tomoya on

The joys of youth… and incest…

Tomoya gets turned on by a cat

“Im getting turned on by a cat!”

Tomoya is right. He’s probably stayed in Nagisa’s house for way too long and is being influenced by Akio’s wild imaginations. The guy gets turned on by imagining Sunohara and Mei’s incestuous relationship, getting so excited in front of Mei herself.

Anyone else noticed how he loves talking to the cat?

Tomoya silly expression

Split second facial expression change rofl

Nagisa actually listened to a kid and trying to be proactive for Tomoya is just epic. I’ve completely forgotten that Nagisa is a year older than Tomoya.

Nagisa blows...


That was one disappointing scene. Poor Tomoya… It’s times like these I wonder what’s really going on in Nagisa’s head. I’m sure Tomoya does, as well.

Tomoya & Nagisa


Tomoya and Nagisa together is just so sweet, I was almost certain that I was about to get cavities like no tomorrow.

There has been minor bumps along the way, and there’s still the issues with Fuko and the girl in the tale, but overall Clannad has been AWESOME for me and I can’t wait to get my hands on the HD releases (yes, you greedy publishers. I want to buy your DVDs and that’s because I watched fansubs!) and Clannad After Story. Word is that we might get to see After Story as soon as Fall season.

Tomoya & Nagisa

To be continued in After Story…

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Clannad Episode 22 (The end?)

Posted by Neko Kyou in Clannad on March 28th, 2008

Two Shadows

Clannad Episode 22

Rating: 8/10

This episode wasn’t as bad as I thought it would. Was actually expecting something bad from some of the comments I’ve heard, but it turned out pretty good. Me likes it!

Clannad Episode 22

Others might think otherwise, but I like how Nagisa’s mind seems to wander in and out of depression. She’s obviously devastated at what she found out and it really shows, and even though it’s done weakly, tries very hard to smile in front of everyone. Not to mention Akio as Ceaser is just so in-character for him lol

Tomoya also shows that he has a lot of trust in Nagisa by trying his best not to pull down the curtains even though he was pressured by the others who were worried.

Sunohara with boobs!

Is it just me, or did Sunohara grew boobs?

Again, some people seem to hate how Tomoya made his confession at the very end, while personally I find that the buildup is just nice and the scene was executed incredibly well. Many series actually does this (although none actually comes to mind right now) and I recalled some was done kinda poorly, but Clannad managed to pull it off magnificently. My one and only complain is that they pretty much skipped the entire date, showing only a few seconds worth of screen time! The effect of the confession would have been much, much better if KyoAni had dedicated more time towards the date itself following up to the final moment.

Clannad Party

Clannad After Season has been announced! While it would be mainly focusing on Nagisa, the other girls will definitely make their appearances, and I’m especially curious about what happens to Kyou and Tomoyo 😀

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Clannad Episode 21

Posted by Neko Kyou in Clannad on March 17th, 2008

In Preparation for the School Festival

Clannad Episode 21

Rating: 7/10

It’s rather disappointing but looks like there’s only one more episode to go before Clannad comes to an end. I was really looking forward to a 24 episode series, and with so little time left, I wonder just how much more story will KyoAni cover. Fuko still hasn’t woke up, after all. Although, that probably won’t take more than a couple of minutes to just tie up the loose ends.

Clannad Episode 21

So my bad omen from the previous episode wasn’t entirely accurate. Nothing physical happened, but she did receive mental shock when she found her parents old picture album and diary. We already knew Sanae was a school teacher, but Akio was an actor? That’s totally new and unexpected. Maybe that’s why Akio was confident that the play Nagisa wanted to do wasn’t a theater piece.

Out of all the girls, seems that Tomoyo is the most honest one, going as far as to say out loud what the others wouldn’t, even if they did thought of the same thing. And her words probably gave some kind of closure for the other girls feelings towards Tomoya. The very fact that they are still happily helping out Nagisa for the theater club proves it.

Nagisa almost hits a pole

Tomoya reaches a whole new level by steering Nagisa…

Damnit, just one more episode left.

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Clannad Episode 20

Posted by Neko Kyou in Clannad on March 13th, 2008

Secret Past

Clannad Episode 20

Rating: 8/10

The person who’s gonna finally bring Tomoya and Nagisa together would probably be the one who doesn’t want that to happen the most. And he’s none other than Furukawa Akio, who’s not only encouraged them to flirt (before he realized what the heck he was saying) but also accidentally made Nagisa blurb out that she has fallen in love with Tomoya. Aww…

Clannad Episode 20

Nagisa’s past is finally revealed and the story of the little girl and her small robot-thingy is finally revealed to be the story which Nagisa has always wanted to play out. And there I was halfway convinced that she wanted to do Romeo & Juliet. But since Tomoya seems to know the story as well while others did not, I suddenly have this crazy idea that that is perhaps something they both saw during a near-death situation. Because honestly, it would really be dumb if Nagisa turned out to be yet another forgotten childhood friend who shared the story with him before. It could happen, but I’m leaning more towards my crazy idea.

Fuko’s appearance was kinda unexpected this time around. I had really expected Nagisa to show up right when Fuko did, although her “zombie” march reminded me of Michael Jackson’s Thriller more than anything else. Hmm… Now that’s an idea Nagisa should consider for their next performance, perhaps when (and if) Fuko ever makes a true reappearance.

Tomoya blushing

We’ve seen him cry, seen him angry and seen him surprised. Now that we’ve seen him blush, is there any other expressions we haven’t seen from him?

Have I mentioned how badly I want to collect the widescreen version of Clannad on DVDs? And Tomoya is getting prodded by Sunohara about Nagisa again. Just go ahead and confess to her already, damnit! You know you want to!
Nagisa running

The buildup to this scene just feels… ominous…

Somehow, it just feels that something bad is going to happen to Nagisa, and I was almost convinced that she would just collapse that very instant.

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Clannad Episode 19

Posted by Neko Kyou in Clannad on March 12th, 2008

New Life

Clannad Episode 19

Rating: 8/10

The theater club is finally established thanks to Tomoyo as the student council president. Nagisa is finally taking charge and there’s really nothing Tomoya could do about it! Well, actually he probably could just ignore her like he would with any others, but apparently he’s already getting leashed by Nagisa.

Clannad Episode 19

I must say, Nagisa really knows Tomoya by now, even when he’s trying to lie his way out or what he’s more or less thinking. Now, unless KyoAni decides to pull a super huge twist before the end of the series, it’s pretty much confirmed that we’ll be seeing a Tomoya x Nagisa ending. We already knew how Tomoya felt about Nagisa from the (awesome) previous episode, but this time we’re pretty much seeing it from Nagisa. Tomoya is practically family now as well, being accepted by Sanae and a reluctant Akio into the Furukawa household.

But I’m still a bit confused with what the heck is wrong with Tomoya’s father. At first glance, he seemed to be giving Tomoya plenty of freedom to do as he wishes, but looking at it from another point of view, he seems like he doesn’t really care much to what happens to Tomoya at all. And Tomoya made it clear that he really hates his father.

However, he did show some signs of reluctance right before leaving and especially when his father actually came and asked where he was going. It’s still unclear whether or not Tomoya would make up with his dad by the end of the series, since as the rate it is going, its possible that Tomoya just never meets his father again for a very, very long time.

Nagisa is angry, oh noes!

Nagisa angry = kawaii!

Tomoya is seriously slow, and you know that’s very true when even Sunohara starts to speak out for Nagisa.

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