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November 05, 2011

Fall Anime 2011: Ben-To

Posted in: Thoughts

Grudge over food can be a scary thing, and this season’s Ben-To captured that almost perfectly!

I’ve not really had the chance to start watching most of the new series this season besides Bakuman season 2, so Ben-To was an excellent and hilarious start bwahahaha!

A bunch of high school students camping at the local mart, waiting for the store staff to put on the half price stickers on the leftover bento. .

That’s when the fun starts – a battle royale suddenly erupts to decide who gets the heavily discounted packed meals!

It’s quite literally a battle anime and the battlefield is in the bento sections in the various supermarkets around town. It’s not only just between high school students, there is even an adult, dubbed as “the Boar” takes part in the race for the half priced bentos.

While the idea itself may sound absurd, it’s definitely interesting and funny. It isn’t purely just battles and fan service shots, the characters that has shown up so far are a pretty interesting bunch themselves.

There is even one female character whose face has not been shown to the viewer, only her “assets”.

Definitely a thumbs up from me. Ben-To is highly recommended watch this season!

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