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January 04, 2008

Minami-ke Episode 12

Posted in: Minami-ke

Of Christmas and Eves

Rating 7.5/10

Minami-ke Episode 12

I find that this episode is pretty mild compared to the previous two where they are a lot funnier and wackier. At least this episode concludes my previous speculation on the eldest Minami brothers. It is a no brainer that he too is a baka, similar to Natsuki.

Minami-ke Episode 12

Anyone of you believe in Sandy Claws Santa Clause when you are a small kid ? For me, I only remember Santa being an important icon for Christmas but I didn’t really care much. Apparently Chiaki seems to believe in Santa but her dreams shattered upon seeing the “truth”, thanks to Takeru. This can serve as a reminder to all current and future dads. If you are playing Santa, make sure you lock the door before putting on your costume. Wouldn’t want your kids to know the truth no? 😛

There are only a few interesting parts in this episode; events involving santa, baka minds of the three Minami brothers and definitely the origins of that freaky teddy bear. Apart from that, Fujioka sure looks pitiful. His plans to pass Kana a christmas present failed miserably. Better luck next time mate!

Kawaii Kana

Kawaii(?) Kana

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