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December 23, 2007

10th Day of an Anime Christmas

Posted in: Random Fun

On the 10th day of Christmas, my anime gave to me…

Lucky Star

10 Loli Cheerleaders.

From chocolate cornets to pretty much anything you can think of, Lucky Star has been one of the most enjoyable series this year for me. There are just so many “omg that’s so like me!” moments while many other jokes goes by unnoticed to the untrained eye otaku.

3 of my favourite moments in Lucky Star are when Konata cosplayed as Haruhi (and Aya kept switching back and forth between Konata mode and Haruhi mode), when Kanata paid a visit as a spirit and the finale with the entire cast doing the full Motteke! Sailor Fuku cheerleading sequence.

And here’s the clip for the cheerleading dance sequence of Motteke! Sailor Fuku 😀

“12 Days of Christmas” brought to you by the A.B.C and the following particpants:

CCYoshi OwenUsagijen0rionRoxasQuinnMartinMichaelDSCalAggieMoogyIKnight/animanachronismDeathToZippermouthKabitzin Reverse VampireCJ & Crisu

12 Days of an Anime Christmas thus far…

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