Eden of the East, Why Do You Tease Us So!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Reviews, Thoughts on November 4th, 2010

Ato Saizo (Mr. Outside)

Don’t let his innocent look fool you… He’s the damn old man who’s responsible for everything!

Just finished watching Eden of the Easy Movie 2: Paradise Lost.

The movie started right where King of Eden left off, and the story moved on pretty well for most of the movie. And just when you think Eden of the East will finally end nicely, it gives you everything but a good or happy ending.

Takizawa Akira & Morimi Saki

It’s like the scriptwriters built everything up to a nice and satisfying finish, and suddenly deciding to screw with the fans by dropping everything midway. Takizawa’s birth origins were never made clear and he left Saki without giving her any way to contact him … to chase down Ato Saizo (Mr. Outside) just to give him a whack on the head with a slipper.

Come on, seriously?

Did you really have to abandon the girl you like just to hunt for some old geezer? Now I’m the one who’d like to whack him with a slipper… of the wooden variety. Honestly speaking, that kinda ruined it for me.

Satoshi Osugi

Satoshi Osugi

Yes, my reactions exactly!

To make matters worse, he went on with Ato Saizo to continue talking about how they could improve the country, and the story ends with the Selecao phones reactivating and all 12 icons turning back on with Juiz calling. Unless they’re planning on releasing something else after this to tie up loose ends, the series would just leave a bad taste my in mouth – which wouldn’t be the first time either.

Takizawa Akira

No, I won’t admit it’s a good movie… I won’t…

Oh who am I kidding? Eden of the East Movie 2: Paradise Lost is a great movie! But if it weren’t for the teasing ending, I might have rated it a perfect 10.

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