Happy Niu Year

Posted by Neko Kyou in Updates on January 26th, 2009

Hatsuharu Sohma

“Niu” means cow or ox in mandarin, so it’s probably the most appropriate Chinese New Year greeting for this year of the cow/ox. That said, I wish everyone a Happy Chinese Niu Year!

The year of the rat is now gone so as a rat, I do feel a bit sad. But then again, the rat rode on the ox to have an easy win during the zodiac’s race, so this could be a good year as well :)

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Most OMG Naruto Ending Theme Ever!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Naruto on January 25th, 2009

Definitely the most fun ending theme for the series XD

Knowing Naruto, it’s entirely possible that he would get influenced and join in the dance with Gai and Lee. But the girls were just OMG!

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Minami-ke Okaeri Giving Mixed Feelings

Posted by Neko Kyou in Minami-ke on January 16th, 2009

Minami-ke Okaeri

asread’s attempt to fix the damage they did with Okawari and replicate Doumu’s character design in Minami-ke is fail. It’s sad that asread is the ones doing the third season. Minami-ke was one of the best anime in 2007 under Doumu but quickly got trashed and tossed aside by many once asread took over.

At first glance the character design looked like a huge improvement over Okawari but the poor animation and actually made it worse. The good news is, no creepy black figures running around in the background and hopefully they’ll keep it that way. I found the colours used this time around, although still lacking, is much more agreeable.

Minami-ke Okaeri

The story is only so-so. It’s really not that much different from an episode of Okawari but it is slightly more entertaining. Takeru’s amazing trick with his pen was quite funny despite what I had read or heard.

Okaeri might not be as amazing as the original season, but it does look set to be a lot better than Okawari. You might want to give it a chance if you’ve been avoiding it but I’ll probably watch everything anyway.

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Fatina > Kaaya and OMG UTU!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Thoughts on January 11th, 2009

Tower of Druaga - the Sword of URUK

Regardless of what others think about it, I thought the Tower of Druaga – the Aegis of URUK was one of the top anime for 2008.  And the Sword of URUK is one of my most anticipated anime this season.

We’re into the 2nd week of 2009 but this is the first new anime I’ve watched this year and it did not disappoint for me. The animation quality could use some work for sure, but that was the only real problem I could see.

Fatina and Jil

Jil doesn’t realize how lucky he is

Fatina is now working as a tour guide and selling replicas of her flamethrower for 390 gildas. And apparently she had decided to move on from Neeba, and onto Jil. Being the idiot that he is, Jil still thinks of Kaaya and sadly Ki’s vision will definitely pull him and back to Kaaya.

Fatina may looked like a spoiled girl in the first season, but I’ve always liked her better. She was very straight forward, speaking what’s on her mind, while Kaaya was too secretive and manipulative. Fatina even questioned Neeba’s motive directly and if it weren’t for Neeba manipulating her feelings, she probably would have abandoned him much earlier.

Jil would probably end up with Kaaya but I say ‘boo!” to conventional happy endings and hope he dumps Kaaya too rot. She might have a reason for doing what she did, but deceiving and manipulating someone who is willing to risk his life for you puts her in bad light.

Besides, Fatina is better looking 😀

Utu des~


I’ve always thought Utu was just an empty armor possessed by some spirits to make it move around and talk. Now the only ones who are still missing are Melt and Coopa.

Jil and Utu... omg!?

This is just… wrong…

Jil blushing like that while making that comment. It’s just wrong. So very wrong.

The Sword of URUK’s OP is pretty good, but I still prefer Swinging 😀

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Comic Fest Part 1

Posted by khilly in Random Fun on January 10th, 2009

My comic fest day started very late. Arrive at Sunway at around 2 then headed straight for the convention hall. My first reaction was just plain shocking. I only went to 2 anime/manga/comic convention and this is my second. The amount of cosplayers were more and furthermore, they were good.


Some chinese origin custome

Then I have to honor my deal with Neku. He sponsors my trip and I was to be his eyes and ears. Asking the first time was the hardest for me. With a mixture of being shy and shocked, I manage to break the ice and ask for my first cosplayer pics.

Neko Maid Outfit


The Joker

Why so serious?

From there onwards, my subdued otaku personality started to rise up I started snapping away.
Neko Girl

Another Maid

Kyon of Bleach


Upon entering the hall, it was like a  mini PC fair. First half of the hall was the stage and coupled with some sponsors booth. Then there was the doujins area which I headed straight for it. There was a lot of doujin booth selling their artworks. I visited each of their stalls and started to wish I have hundreds to spend there.

Most of the artwork there was good and not to mention all the little cute handicrafts waiting to be picked up by you. Nothing beats supporting your local industry and enjoying yourself at the same time.

Kagamine Rin & Hatsune Miku

From a game she plays

Bleach Team

Demyx, Organization XIII, Kingdom Hearts 2

Maid and Yuna from FFX

Taichi Kamiya & Kari Kamiya

In between my shopping spree, I do manage to take a few more cosplayers here and there. But sadly I did miss out on the events that happened on the stage coz I was too busy supporting doujin groups and taking pictures. But around 4-5 I left early because I was out of money and the first day was slow.

Lots of Figma Figurines

More Chinese Origin Cosplayers

Group photo

Yuna from FF X & Lenne from FF X-2

Jedi, Baron and Red Riding Hood?

Bleach Shinigami Team

Yuuko from XXXholic

No idea whatsoever

Someone help me identify this.

Mixed Group 1

Neko girl again! ^^

Naruto, Sasuke & Kakashi from Naruto

Very Familiar Figure

Mixes Cosplay 2

Fairy Lady

School Girl and Lady

Dante from Devil May Cry with Lady

Where are you manners!

But this does not end here yet!

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