Beach Trip

Posted by Neko Kyou in Personal on November 30th, 2007

Chiaki and Kana on the beach

Fun at the beach!

I was so unprepared and disorganized that I couldn’t find the time to post that I would be away for a couple of days. Some of my old friends managed to gather and we headed off the to beach for some fun in the sand (and to test out my new telescope, which unfortunately weren’t much use because we still couldn’t really figure out how to use it).

The beach was rather quiet since we went during the weekdays and its the monsoon season, meaning the waves would be rather rough. It was a pity, though. We had really wanted to go kayaking but the resort wouldn’t allow us to take the kayak out.

Instead, we ended up fooling around the beach, play some cards outdoors and relax by the sound of the waves under the starry night.

We took some really great photos as well. Here’s one of my favourite:

Sematan Beach Jump

Try guessing where I am in this photo

I’ve uploaded all the pictures we took onto flickr (even the bad ones) so if you’re interested, head on to my Sematan Beach Trip 2007 album.

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Minami-ke Episode 7

Posted by Neko Kyou in Minami-ke on November 27th, 2007

Many Faces

Rating: 8/10

Minami-ke Episode 7

We finally know the name of the odd man who first appeared in front of the Minami-ke’s front door back in episode 4. Along with the 3 sisters (who forgot how he was related to them) we also found out that Takeru is really their cousin. Poor guy, apparently they all started calling him “ojisan” thanks to Chiaki-sama.

Minami-ke Episode 7

The best “Sensei & Ninomiya-kun” episode has got to be the one showed in this episode. The last minute twist with the car avoiding the doctor and heading straight for the unlucky couple had me burst out laughing.

But the best part of this episode has got to be the revealing of the first generation banchou in Kana’s school and the legends of Minami Haruka. The mini-story at the end where they showed what really happened in one of the “legends” was very entertaining as well, and we got to see a chibi version (actually, younger version) of Chiaki-sama and Kana.

Minami-ke: Takeru Retrained

Damn… What I wouldn’t give to be in Takeru’s position right now…

I noticed that the guys in Minami-ke are always having a rough time with the exception of Hosaka who is probably the only character in the series more dense than Kana.

Fujioka is probably the unluckiest one among them – of all the people he had to develop a crush on Kana. He’s probably going to suffer a lot more and a lot worse. The poor guy, he deserved much better.

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Naruto Shippuuden Episode 35

Posted by Neko Kyou in Naruto on November 25th, 2007

Unwanted Addition

Rating: 6/10

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 35

I just found it sooo hilarious when Sakura asked Naruto if he found Sai to be somewhat similar to Sasuke. Naruto obviously wants to praise Sasuke but quickly realized who he was talking to and toned the praise down a bit, although its so obvious that Sakura would need to be as dense as Naruto to not figure it out.

Naruto Shippuuden Episode 35

Kinda boring episode with some funnily drawn scenes and odd colors, especially Sakura’s hair (neon pink?) when she was in Tsunade’s office. The story will probably pick up again in the next 2 episodes (or one.. since it’s a 1-hour special) as Team Kakashi approaches the Heaven and Earth Bridge.

But then I guess that’s the downside of having read the manga, there really isn’t much surprise or anticipation unless you’ve forgotten about it. However, there are also some parts which looks better on animation rather than static drawings and there are a few scenes I can’t wait to watch. Hopefully there won’t be much delaying or dragging.

Jiraiya - Naruto Shippuuden

“Mah sexy scar!”

It happened that I watched this episode after reading the latest chapter of Naruto’s manga, and it makes me kinda sad thinking about whats going to happen to one of the most powerful shinobi in the series. If you’re an anime only person for Naruto, then you probably won’t know what I mean for a long, long time.

Next episode… Yamato’s special technique – uber scary eyes!

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Reasons to Watch Gundam 00

Posted by Neko Kyou in Gundam on November 23rd, 2007

Back to my previous post on why Gundam 00 sucks, this time I’ll give 10 7 5 a few reasons why you should watch it.

Celestial Beings are over-powered

With the exception of the 3 ship alliance in Gundam Seed Destiny (and they can hardly be called new and inexperienced in mobile suit wars), Celestial Beings are to my knowledge the first ever organization with Gundams that pwned everyone from the very beginning.

The Gundams are simply in a different league mainly due to the mobile suit itself as shown by the battles between Setsuna against either Graham Acre or Ali Al-Serges. It gives you a sense of excitement to see just how powerful a Gundam is even when compared to the latest prototype any of the other factions could throw at it with highly skilled and experienced pilots.

Unlike previous Gundam series as well, Celestial Beings roam around rather freely and instead of running away from certain authorities, they go to them whenever challenged and make ’em piss in their pants with the entire world watching.

Gundam 00 - Exia, Dynames, Kyrios, Virtue

This style reminds me of the Saiyuki series, with 4 rather eccentric bastards party members who could easily pwn most enemies right from the start. Its a formula that worked really well with Saiyuki, and seems to be doing OK for g00ey.

Impressive Side Characters

Graham Acre, Ali al-Serges, Sergei Smirnov and Wang Liu Mei (just for being pretty 😛 ).

Gundam 00 - Graham Acre, Ali Al-Serges, Sergei Smirnov, Wang Liu Mei

Graham Acre is the elite of the elite in my opinion. Not only is he a superb pilot, he’s just brimming with confidence and a little bit gung-ho. His only drawback is his obsession with Gundam thats a little too much over the top.

Ali al-Serges is even more crazier than Graham Acre, and also more mysterious. From what I can make out so far, he seemed to be behind the war which we saw Setsuna fighting as a child at the opening of the series. He also apparently influenced many children to murder their family and join his cause to fight for their God. He’s charismatic in a sense, but Ali al-Serges is holding back a lot more than what we or Setsuna knows.

My first impression of Sergei Smirnov was that he’s your usual heartless, hardheaded military top official who follows orders without questioning them. But I was wrong, he seemed to be the most compassionate of the entire Gundam 00 cast. If only he had a cooler suit than that poor excuse of scrap metal.

Wang Liu Mei caught my attention from the very first episode. She had that deep mysterious aura that pulls you in, although so far other than sitting there and looking pretty, she had contributed pretty much nothing for the plot. But hey, she’s great at sitting (or standing) around looking good 😀

Are the Gundam and Veda Alive?

Another reason that compelled me to watch the episodes one after another right now is to find out the secret behind the Gundam and the GN Particles. The Meisters often calls out to their Gundam as if talking to them and telling them what to do or what they are going to do. I’ve never seen any pilot “talking” to their MS and I’m really curious about the reason behind it.

This is especially so with Veda, which appears to be Sumeragi’s computer. Looks to me as if all those “Sumeragi’s predictions” are really Veda’s predictions. Just what the heck is Veda? Allelujah also mentioned that the Meisters were chosen by none other than Veda.

While it is possible that the Meisters are just relaying information back to Sumeragi by announcing their unit and action, somehow it just feels a bit stupid to be announcing your every action when Sumeragi can see everything anyway.

Gundam 00 Sucks. Go Watch It!

Gundam 00 sucks, but in a way that would make you want to watch it, for better or worse. Am I glad I decided to watch g00? Yes, definitely. It’s actually rather fun, in a weird kind of way, at least that’s how I feel. How about you?

Haro Haro!

Haro’s #1 Reason to Watch Gundam 00 – “Haro, Haro, I’m in it! Watch out for me!”

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Hare Hare Yukai in Prison is Here!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Random Fun, Suzumiya Haruhi on November 21st, 2007

Remember this?

Well, it doesn’t really matter if you don’t, since the final product is already out and you can watch it right now.

I think I saw King Kong’s sister in there… Or is it brother…

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