Midori no Hibi Marathon

Posted by Neko Kyou in Thoughts on September 5th, 2007


Took me almost 5 hours but I managed to complete a Midori no Hibi marathon. That’s 13 episodes back-to-back from start to finish. I know it’s a pretty old anime, but I’ve never bothered to watch it before now.

I probably got interested in Midori no Hibi thanks to this AMV which I had watched earlier this year. It’s a really good one so you should try downloading and watch it for yourself. Also there’s the fact that it’s currently showing on Animax, which prompted me to get the series after watching a couple of episode.

I’m gonna do a review on Midori no Hibi while the series is still fresh in my mind so it would probably be up by tomorrow. It may be a few years old but it’s still a great series and I’m sure many would still want to watch it in many years to come.

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