Yes, Your Highness!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Code Geass, Thoughts on April 11th, 2008

Code Geass R2 - Zero Executed

Zero executed?

Lelouch is back, but Zero was executed. Or was he?

The starting of Code Geass R2 was a bit puzzling since everything appeared to be back to normal, with a few exceptions. Lelouch is suddenly being chased by Villetta-sensei and taking off with his brother, Rollo.

Who the heck is Rollo? Where is Nunnally? Why didn’t we know (or saw) Rollo before this? And why is Villetta a teacher in their school?

And before long, something else became apparent. Lelouch doesn’t seem to recall that he was the leader of the Order of the Black Knights, the enigmatic Zero. Which brought us to another question, whatever did happen in the cave after the gunshot with Lelouch, Suzaku and Kallen in there? And why was Lelouch “bait” for C.C.? If they knew Lelouch was Zero, why is it that they sure doesn’t look like they do, and if they didn’t why was he “bait”?

Many fans (and everyone else for that matter) have been waiting for Code Geass R2 and one of our major concerns was to find some answers to what actually happened at the end of the first season. But, instead of getting proper answers, Sunrise actually answered our original questions with even more questions.

When we did find out that Suzaku seemed to have “won” after the gunshot, that Lelouch had his memory somehow altered, that C.C. was still alive and that the few remaining uncaught members of the Black Knight are aware of Zero’s true identity, we get a whole new barrage of questions – the biggest of which is how did Lelouch lose his memory in the first place?

The first episode kinda reminds me of Shana II’s first episode, where it mirrors the events of the first episode from the first season. But unlike Shana II, Code Geass pulled it off magnificently, easily making it the best opening episode of the season. Like the first season, the last couple of minutes is the most exciting. Zero is back, meaner than ever before. And that can only mean one thing – utter destruction.

Zero Returns

“It’s good to be back…”

This is just too friggin’ exciting. The once grand Order of the Black Knights had been reduced to almost nothingness but it’s only a matter of time (a very short one) before they will rise again from the ashes, bigger, badder and in blacker uniform than before now that their psychopathic evil genius highly esteemed leader has reawakened.

Are we ready for an even more awesome trainwreck that would put Euphie’s massacre to shame?

Yes, your highness!

In case you didn’t notice, the new OP showed that the Emperor also had Geass, possibly from V.V.?

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4 Comments to “Yes, Your Highness!”

  1. Shin | April 12th, 2008 at 3:25 am

    I was going to say he might have geass’ed himself, but then recalled it only works once on an individual. Hmm….

  2. Neko Kyou | April 12th, 2008 at 5:45 pm

    It’s possible that he was Geass’ed by Suzaku if V.V. granted him one, or it could be thanks to C.C. Lelouch’s Geass would only work once per person, but might not hold true for a different person.

  3. Nagato | April 13th, 2008 at 9:41 am

    Ah, ah, ah. You can’t say ‘geass’ and automatically mean mind control guys. All thanks to Mao. D:

    I would assume that the Emperor knows of Lelouch. The special squad that used him as bait were under direct orders from the Emperor. Remains to be seen if the Emperor knows Lulu’s REAL identity though – that of vi Britannia.

  4. Neko Kyou | April 16th, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    The Emperor probably knew it was Lelouch the whole time, even before anyone else knew he was Zero. That was the impression I’ve always had from the Emperor.

    I didn’t really mean mind control Geass, but that’s probably my bad for not being clear enough lol. But at the end the Emperor did used Geass on Lelouch, so I’m still at least half right 😀


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