Before I get flamed, I need to state that I am a fan of Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny. I actually started watching a few episodes of Destiny first before I went and watch Seed. However, after completing both Seed and Destiny, there are just some parts where I wished Fukuda had done more work with in Destiny. With this in mind, let’s begin:

Gundam Seed Destiny - Kira vs Shinn

  1. Shinn sucked. Even before I watched Seed, I already liked Athrun better than Shinn. Maybe it’s just his childish and arrogant attitude towards Athrun and Cagalli at the start, but I never really did like him. Granted, he has his good points and is an excellent pilot, but he just doesn’t have that likable personality to me. Him jumping onto Lunamaria the moment he gets the chance after the death of Stellar kinda pissed me off. Maybe he just wanted someone to treasure and support, but the way he did it came across me as a “it doesn’t have to be Luna, just anyone would do really…” thought. I must admit though, I thought he was kinda cool during the first couple of episodes, even if he didn’t do such a great job.
  1. Not drastic enough. Seriously, with a few exceptions, most of the time all the forces have it easy. There isn’t really that much sense of urgency compared to Seed. I can only remember 2 instances at the top of my head right now: the fall of Junius 7 and Kira’s race to Eternal. There’s probably a few more, but it just doesn’t feel as desperate, and desperation is always a good way to get characters moving.
  1. Little character development. Shinn had been a brat from the beginning until the very end. Lunamaria never does anything important correctly. Rey is always the same. Dullindal almost always wears the same expression. Athrun and Cagalli had been “rendered useless” for most parts of Destiny. Kira pwns all the way, save that one battle against Impulse. Mia had pretty decent development though :) Rey also had the potential to develop into a very interesting character with his past relation to Kruuze/Rau Le Creuset.
  1. Too predictable. Tell me you’ve watched Seed and didn’t see Neo/Fllaga doing his “Strike” thing with Akatsuki in the final battle and I’ll bang my head on the wall. While that is the most obvious, there are also many other instances of being able to predict plots fairly easily.
  1. Too rushed. This is especially noticeable towards the ending. The last episode had the 3 ship alliance totally owning ZAFT forces. Luckily, Final Plus rectified this… slightly. Still, it’s much better than the original last episode that was aired :)
  1. Yzak and Dearka. Their role could have, and should have been much bigger other than the few random appearances and in the final battle. It would also be nice if they were piloting mobile suits that were closer to their old units; Duel and Buster. Both suits were still functional at the end of the first war, and although Goufs had better functionality, ZAFT could have easily upgraded the 2 units as well.
  1. 3 Ship Alliance. Other than Archangel and Eternal, there were very little about the alliance. Even the Kusanagi was pretty much forgotten although it is one of the main ships of the alliance. Pretty disappointed that Kusanagi’s role was smaller in the final battle of Destiny.

Gundam Seed Destiny - Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice

Despite my rambling above, I truly did enjoy Gundam Seed Destiny and hopes that the C.E. storyline would continue. I’m putting high hopes in the C.E. based movie and even more possible continuations after that. Just hope Fukuda doesn’t screw it up.

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14 Comments to “7 Reasons Why Gundam Seed Destiny Sucked”

  1. Kensaku | July 17th, 2007 at 11:40 pm


    I like your analysis!!
    Actually I have never seen SEED series, my Gundam history was finished with ZZ Gundam. haha so long time ago.. However my favorite was Z Gundam. I think it’s the legend story.


  2. Neko Kyou | July 18th, 2007 at 12:37 am

    While I do try and gather as much as possible on the older Gundam series, I have to admit that I’m part of the Seed generation. Although, I am quite familiar with most of the main units since I played a lot of Gundam games when I was younger :)

    Nice to know you’re a fellow (ex?)Gundam fan, Kensaku! 😀

  3. Windie | July 18th, 2007 at 10:02 pm

    Haha, despite all that i still love Gundam Seed Destiny..Ya i dint really liked the fact that dearka and yzak was in such a small role and used zaft based mobile suit.

    You mentioned banging your head right?? How bout if i say i didn’t see Fllaga doing the strike thing?Would u bang your head? 😛

  4. Neko Kyou | July 18th, 2007 at 10:07 pm

    No, because I would have known that you lied 😛

    I don’t mind a ZAFT Gundam for Yzak and Dearka. Just give them each a Gundam damnit. They deserve better than just Goufs.

  5. Windie | July 22nd, 2007 at 10:02 pm

    I would really prefered if they used an upgraded version of Duel and Buster… :/

    Damn u read my mind..Neko, *waves hand like jedi* bang your head on the wall… hehehe

  6. stranger | June 29th, 2009 at 1:27 am

    Kira sucked more than Shinn

    Why? Shinn might have been an emotional person and a bit immature but he was never as arrogant as Kira. When Kira kicks down Sai after stealing his girl in Season 1, I started hating him. At least Shinn is being honest by showing his anger, Kira always cries to get attention from the girls in season 1. And the fact that Kira gets labeled as a ‘superior coordinator’ and makes Kira beat everything just gives the subliminal message that “superiority beats hard work” Hard-work is what Shinn is because he wasn’t blessed with superior genes or an overpowered gundam like Kira’s Freedom.

  7. Ed | July 5th, 2009 at 11:45 am

    Total agree with you, especially with Shinn. What a bitch.

  8. Yuki | August 13th, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    Pretty much agree with everything you’ve stated. What got to me the most was how “timid” Cagalli became when compared to her character in SEED. There were SO MANY instances in Destiny when I expected her to explode at people who kept dissing her and ORB, but she just git her teeth and remained silent. I also wish they gave her even just basic piloting skills, so she wasn’t completely useless in her mobile suit, especially since she’s not a bad physical fighter. At least she kind of got back to her old self near the end.

    Shinn’s only function in the whole series was to piss me off. The relationship between him and Luna seemed very fake as well.

    However, I think the character that sucked the most was Athrun. While Cagalli couldn’t do anything in battle because she can’t pilot worth crap, Athrun chose to be useless. A lot of people complains about how Kira does everything, but I think that’s because he’s also filling in Athrun’s role. Athrun should have stayed with Cagalli and fought for her or at least stopped the arranged marriage, but he just tried to blame what’s happening on others, while wallowing in angst and indecision. There are so many scenes where it could have been Athrun instead of Kira, but since Athrun’s not doing anything about it, the only other choice is to put Kira in his spot. I’m not surprised Cagalli took the ring off.

    I actually liked Athrun better in SEED, but in Destiny it seemed like Kira matured and learned to keep what’s most important to him close and protected, while Athrun went a step backwards.

    Really disappointed that Yzak and Dearka didn’t get bigger roles, since they are such good pilots. I’m also kind of in love with the way Yzak spazzes.

    Overall, Destiny wasn’t as good as SEED. But I liked seeing how much Kira and Lacus matured. They seem like the only stable and believable couple in the series, other than Murrue and Mwu near the end.

    IMO, even if Kira wasn’t so good at fighting, he’s still be my favourite character just because of the way he takes care of Cagalli and Lacus, as well as the things they care about. Unlike Athrun’s quick and simple goodbye before separating with Cagalli, Kira gives so much more emotion when Lacus leaves. He’s also the one who defends Cagalli and fights for her ideals when she’s lacking the power to do it herself.

    Rey, Talia, Meer and several of the ORB officers were also more interesting than Shinn, Luna and Meylin.

    I admit I kind of cheered when Kira became the main character instead of Shinn in the last few episodes, since he pretty much pwned everyone.

  9. Koda | January 5th, 2011 at 4:30 am

    Good God! I hated Shinn from the 1st episode.

    I hate the Impulse too! I know its info says that it is ZAFT’s version of the Earth Alliance’s GAT-X105 Strike Gundam, but the color scheme of Force Impulse (ZAFT’s version of the Aile Strike) is lousy, it was like one of those power ranger robots.

    In terms of plot, I liked SEED a lot better than SEED Destiny.

    Favorite part of Destiny was when The Archangel PAWNED the Minerva.

    Oh and in the first 5 episodes of Destiny, The Impulse Gundam’s power supply was low fighting Chaos, Gaia, and Abyss but switching Silhouettes didn’t help also which brings me to the part where Shinn beat Kira (I was about to explode), Shinn’s Impulse should have ran out of power.

    @stranger, you say Kira’s Freedom is overpowered what about Shinn’s Destiny. Kira is the Ultimate Coordinator but he said at the end [that he’s no different, just a single human being.]

    Shinn is arrogant.

    Many times I wished that Shinn was KILLED with his family, instead of him, it should’ve been just another character. That way the series would have given air time for the roles of Dearka and Yzak instead of accomodating the parts where Shinn just asks immature.

  10. Ragna | August 25th, 2011 at 5:14 am

    GSD was such a train wreck for sure. This show had some good potential at the beginning but at the middle of it, everything went to hell. But there was a ray of hope for this series, in the Super Robot War games. Im glad the developers made SEED Destiny not suck especially Shinn. They gave him a new makeover to make him a better character than his Destiny series counterpart.

  11. Shin Sucks | September 10th, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Shin is the most annoying character in the fail taht was destiny. He downright just sucks. You can tell that seed destiny was made quick to capitlise on the awesomeness of the original. the story just failed and dragged on for so long you didnt need to really guess what was gonna happen because you knew. Making a crap production like destiny allowed for more sales of toys and games etc before the next gundam production was ready.

    Real gundam seed fans dont consider destiny a sequel!

  12. Murrue Ramius | October 27th, 2011 at 2:54 pm

    I totally agree with everything that you said.Though Shinn was a brat, he was one of my favorite characters.The analysis was very good.I’m a huge Gundam fan, and my favorite series would be Seed, but I never refused to admit the flaws Fukuda and team had overlooked.It’s annoying how they rushed the plot, especially the ending, recycled fight scenes, Athrun and Cagalli being useless in the beginning to middle,Kira Yamato being the favorite.Ugh the writer overdid him.

  13. yuzuriha | May 30th, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    i finished this anime yesterday~~n now I totally fall in love with gundam seed

    yup..u got the point there…i dare said gundam seed is WAY BETTER than Gundam seed destiny

    in GS,we can see how kira resolved n became more mature in every episode..but in gsd,shinn’s character remained arrogant n ego until the ending ..kinda disappointed

    but what i like about GSD is only the scenes of athrun,kira,lacus n all the first season’s characters…all of them have well developed characters especially kira…he’s no longer cry baby like in GS..he’s more calm n tactful~that’s why i luv his character~

    *sorry because my comment is kira-biased..hhaa..that’s my opinion regarding GSD…still i luv gundam seed (including destiny) so much!


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