7th Day of an Anime Christmas

Posted by Neko Kyou in Random Fun on December 20th, 2007

On the 7th day of Christmas, my anime gave to me…

Dullindal Destiny Haro PLANTS

7 Haro PLANTs (highlighted in circles in case you can’t see all 7 😛 )

With 4 episodes under its belt, Tanekyara Gekijo (or Mini Seed and Mini Destiny as I call them), it should be considered a series on its own within Cosmic Era. This is obviously fanservice especially in episode 1 with the gang abusing the power of Seed to the maximum. Personally, I think Lacus has the most powerful Seed of all. She can even control Kira with it… no wonder she’s dubbed Lacus “Darth” Clyne.

Gil Edition Time Slip Stick Hmm… Is it just me or does this stick Rey produced and proudly called “Gil Edition Time Slip Stick” look a heck lot like Sakura’s (CCS) star wand? The colour and the wings are quite matching with a miniature Dullindal replacing the star crest.

Sunrise really stereotyped each of the characters according to how fans normally sees them. Kira is portrayed as a happy-go-lucky person who cries easily (and quite often) and Athrun is seen as the dependable friend. This holds true in Seed, but I’m not quite sure in Destiny lol. Still, I’m glad they followed what fans thought from Seed.

While the Seed abuse are just too damn accurate of a representation of each how they made use of their Seed in battle, the episode itself is nothing much compared to Dullindal Destiny 1.

Chibi Shinn, Chibi Luna, Chibi Rey

The Chibi Destiny Bunch…

Chibi Kira & Super Tori

Super Tori is… scary…

Chibi Kira & Chibi Athrun

“Mommy Athrun… Shinn broke Super Tori…”

Chibi Kira & Chibi Athrun

And they all live happily ever after…


Noticed how there are more and more screenshots as the days goes by? 😀

“12 Days of Anime Christmas” brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood anime lovers:

CCYoshi | Owen | Usagijean | 0rion | Roxas | Quinn | Martin | Michael | DS | CalAggie | Moogy | IKnight | DeathToZippermouth | Kabitzin | Reverse Vampire | CJ & Crisu

12 Days of an Anime Christmas thus far…


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Gundam Seed Supernova Volume 2

Posted by Neko Kyou in Gundam on June 29th, 2007

Seems that there will be a 2nd volume release for Gundam Seed Supernova Fan Disc (a.k.a Mini Seed), which would be released in Japan on 25th of September this year. The price, including tax, is ¥3,990 (~USD$32.35) and comes with a specially made casing.

Gundam Seed Supernova Fan Disc 2

The contents of this disc includes:

  • Character Song Remix
  • Seed Theater (Mission DD)
  • World Wide SEED
  • MS TRICO STAGE (Mobile Suit Explanation Movie)
  • SEED The Live Tour

If you’re planning/already gotten the first volume of Gundam Seed Supernova Fan Disk, you would definitely want to keep an eye out for this as well 😀

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