Meido Guy Power!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Thoughts on June 3rd, 2008

Ever since I started watching Maid Guy, I have a tendency to go “kukuku…” after every other sentence and replacing it with “lol” and “hahaha” whenever I’m chatting on MSN. I can just imagine Kogarashi going “Kukuku… Meido Guy laughter brainwashing FTW!

Maid Guy is as gay as any anime title can get, which was why I never thought I’d be watching, much less enjoying every bit of this series right now. Honestly, not many people would fancy the idea of an oversized, burly man with a lame mask, razer sharp teeth and long, purple nails in a maid uniform disgustingly gay? You can’t blame anyone for trying to avoid this anime unless they know the truth behind the awesome meido guy with amazing meido guy powers.

Maid Guy Eye

“Hn Hn, Ho Ho!”

The most perverted technique he’s shown so far and also the most abused. I wouldn’t mind having this kind of eye power and I’m sure all you pervs would agree with me on that.

Maid Guy Access

Meido Guy Access! Matrix mode engaged!

Who needs printers when you have Maid Guy Cope? They come out bright, contrasted and colourful! I’m with Kousuke on this one. There are plenty of inner mind images I would love to print out with this technique XD

Maid Guy Sensor

Maid Guy Hair Erection Sensor activated!

The classic hair sensor. While I say it’s classic, I can’t really recall any specific series that uses this right now. The only thing that came across my mind is Chiaki-sama’s dancing hair.

Maid Guy Voice

Even Giant would cower in fear…

Not an ability I would like to ever witness or have. Ever.

Maid Guy Freeze Voice

Ultrasonic attack?

Maid Guy Freeze Voice, on the other hand, is a handy ability to have. Just imagine… freezing your victim and slowly have your way with them.

Maid Guy Hair Sensor

Disgustingly gross coming from a Maid Guy…

Tentacle Rape FTW?

Maid Guy Tentacle Rape

At least 2 tentacle rapes this season. Seems to be the in thing to do this season, eh?

Maid Guy Levitation

He needs to use this more, seriously.

Maid Guy Levitation is a personal favourite of mine. Who wouldn’t wanna learn how to levitate? Think of all the things you can do with this ability: peeking, sneaking around, going over walls/sensors, stealing… Nijuu Mensou would be proud!

Maid Guy Vibrating Claw

More effective than Ogawa’s Magic Belt!

Although honestly, I think having this ability would scare off any ladies away from you. But if you like DFC’s, this may be what you’ve been looking for all your life.

Daydreaming Maid Guy Illusion

Daydreams will never be the same again.

This is one of Maid Guy’s most dangerous ability so far. The ability to project images into your target’s daydream is a very powerful ability that can make or break a person. Yuri would have been proud.

Maid Guy Healing Dance

Would have loved to see a caramelldansen Maid Guy…

Yet another ability I can easily do without. It’s an awesome ability for sure, but this is just too creepy to actually have.

That’s a total of 10 Maid Guy powers revealed within 7 episodes and judging by his 37 senses, there are still a lot more to come. We can only hope that he has even whackier abilities that hasn’t been shown yet. After all, it’s Kogarashi’s Maid Guy abilities that makes Kamen no Maid Guy so fun to watch 😈

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A Googolplex of Zeroes?

Posted by Neko Kyou in Code Geass, Random Fun on May 27th, 2008

Maybe, I don’t know. You figure it out and tell me whether a million zeroes equals a googolplex. But I do know that there are more Zero’s than you can possibly count accurately in Code Geass R2 episode 8.

Code Geass R2 Zero

We have Zero

He looks kinda flat. Again with the same backdrop as when C.C. posed as Zero in the broadcast back in the Chinese Federation Embassy in ep2.

Code Geass R2 Zero

A whole lot of Zero’s

Even the dog(?) has one. Can I have one, too?

Code Geass R2 Zero

Very colourful Zero’s

Posing comes very naturally to any Zero’s.

Code Geass R2 Zero

Even more Zero’s

Someone’s been having fun with hue’s, eh? I’m pretty sure the long haired Zero on the far right will look exactly like C.C. in a Zero outfit if her hair colour changed to green and the cloak is black.

Code Geass R2 Zero

Shit lots of Zero’s…

Kaguya grew taller, didn’t she? Wait, why is she even there in the open just like that? o.O

Code Geass R2 Zero

Pipe smoking mad scientist Zero’s…

Okay, I’ll stop now.


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Return of Roy Mustang? Librarians are licensed to kill!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Thoughts on May 15th, 2008

Flame Alchemist - Roy Mustang

“My dream is to make all female personnel wear mini-skirts!”

No there’s no new FMA specials on Mustang, but Atsushi Dojo have been reminding me of the flame alchemist since the very beginning. Maybe it’s because Dojo’s facial expression and position are similar to Mustang, but I’ll admit that was reason which initially got my interest in Toshokan Sensou.

Like Mustang, Dojo also apparently had a “foolish youth” period based on what he thought to himself in episode 5. I’m guessing something must have happened to him which turned him into this short demonic instructor. All Dojo needs now is to develop an annoying personality and become a womanizer.

Instructor Dojo

The new Roy Mustang?

The idea of a library task force taking arms against government censorship sounded kinda cool, yet silly at the same time. I mean, honestly, librarians as a military force? The most exciting thing to happen during my 2 years as a librarian in high school was discovering the mysterious door hidden away all the way at the back of library, behind the thick, cobweb covered reference book actually leads to a rarely used meeting room.

It also leaves a lot of questions on the table, such as if the Media Cleansing Committee was created by the government, while the library task force is a private organisation, why would the government allow the task force to push them around especially if they were so bent on censorship and even willing to kill to achieve it? Even if they have the Intellectual Freedom Statement, it doesn’t mean the government would give a damn. I believe most governments wouldn’t.

Even more interestingly is how they actually take up arms against each other as if they are sworn enemies in war, yet outside these library conflicts they still live and go about their lives together casually.

Maybe I’m missing some critical parts of the story, since the anime is adapted from a novel series which I’ve not heard before until now. What I do know is that currently there are a lot of holes in the plot which could use some explaining, such as what exactly is the government trying to hide from the public.

Even if they do manage to control information on printed materials and books (and from the looks of it, children’s book are no exception), there are plenty of other, more efficient ways for information to spread. Such as the Internet. China tried to regulate what their citizens can see on the Internet, but I would still say if they really want to, even those in China can easily get information their government is trying to keep away from them.

Demonic Dojo

Don’t you just wish he does this face more often?

Putting that aside, Toshokan Sensou is pretty entertaining. For what reason I still can’t really pinpoint other than I enjoyed watching the 2nd coming of Colonel Roy Mustang. So far there hasn’t been any specific moment in the anime worth mentioning. The military strategy is nothing to be shouting about, especially since we’ve been shown the brilliance of one Sergei Smirnov.

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Devil in disguise!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Thoughts on April 20th, 2008

When you put ninja and anime together, you usually get lots of sneaking around (with the exception of Naruto), plenty of ninja action and ninjutsu. Nabari no Ou, while still have those elements, throws in a new twist. The one who holds the hijutsu Shinrabanshou and destined to be the ruler of the ninja world is not only a weakling brat, but a little devil trapped in a lolishota body.

Rokujou Miharu


Thanks to Miharu, this show dangerously wavers towards BL and I’m sure the fanfiction world would see an explosion of Miharu X every other guys (and girls or that matter) in the series stories. There doesn’t seem to be any yet, but mark my words, give it another couple of weeks more and we’ll definitely see a lot of them.

Miharu’s mischievous behaviour is what actually draws me into liking the show. His “Master of Apathy” character and shameless abuse of his build and look are deviliciously fun to watch. Now if he could start using bunshin and henge jutsu’s, we’ll probably see him abuse it way more than harem no jutsu.

He appears to be pretty smart and cunning, too. Maybe not on the same level as Lelouch, although Miharu does resembles him, especially his oh-so-evil grin. At the same time, his devilish pranks and expressions also reminds me of the Hitachiin twins of Ouran.

Miharu devil in disguise

Bat wings, checked. Pointy tail, checked. Miharu is definitely a devil in disguise.

The devil aside, Nabari no Ou still stands out on its own. It’s not everyday you find a main character in a ninja series who not only can’t fend for himself (so far) but lacks the motivation to do anything about it despite knowing that he’s being targeted. Instead of trying to do something on his own, he decided to stick to his nonchalant behaviour and even abuse those who are trying to keep him safe from harm.

While he does seem to have some principles of his own, and probably doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt because of himself, it’s possible that he really just don’t care. When the Shinrabanshou offered to give him anything he wants, there was nothing. I was expecting one of those cliche “I want power to protect my friends” but that didn’t happen and that was somewhat refreshing.

Miharu in action

I think the guys on the receiving end of this actually fell for him…

Nabari no Ou is currently my #5 favourite among the Spring season lineup, although this could change since we’re still at the start of the season. But considering this is animated by J.C. Staff, I have high hopes for it.

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