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Posted by Neko Kyou in Reviews on July 10th, 2007

An anime produced by Bones, Eureka 7 is a mecha anime unlike any others. First thing anyone would notice is how the mechas move around – on a surf board. However, they aren’t surfing on normal waves but rather the invisible trapar waves found within the atmosphere using ref-boards.

Eureka 7

Ref Boarding – Trapar Waves

Refboarding is similar to surfing, but the main difference is that refboarding is achieved through riding the Transparent Light Particles, also known as trapar. Refboarding and trapar are fundamental to Eureka 7 as pretty much everything works around this concept.

Memorable Characters

The main character is Renton Thurston, son of the late military hero, Adrock Thurston. However, unlike his father, Renton is seen as a loser. Not just by his classmates and friends, but chances are, you will come to the same conclusion on your own. By the end of the first couple of episodes, you would probably grow to dislike Renton for his childish behavior and actions. Renton learned the hard way that nothing is perfect, and that some things are not as they seem.

There are many different characters in the cast and every single one of them is unique and at one point or another, will begin to appeal to you. Except, well maybe the kids… I still can’t stand them. Other than that, I would say the characters in Eureka 7 are part of the major reasons why I really liked this anime. From the two main characters, Renton and Eureka, to the leader of the Gekkostate, Holland, all the way down to the crews like Jobs and Woz. Even Gonzy, the old fortune teller, would leave a positive impression on you. Each and every character in the series is just too memorable.

Eureka 7 Gekko State

Captain Jurgens, Dominic and the rest of the Izumo crews starts off as the main antagonist of the Gekkostate, but you just can’t help but to cheer for them as the series progresses as well.

Eureka 7 is heavy on character growth and development, something which separates this series with other mecha anime. It appears to be the main theme for the anime, and is the reason why this anime is so great. You just can’t help but feel the emotions and pain of each of the characters as they go through their most trying times.


While the main focus of the anime is on the character development, Bones did not abandon the mechas. With a wide variety of mecha to complement the long list of characters, you just got to love the different designs and abilities of each of these mechas.

Every single mecha and warships in Eureka 7 travels through the air by using trapar waves. While most mechas here utilizes a ref board to do just that, there are a couple of exceptions such as Charles and Ray’s Light Finding Operations (L.F.O. are what the mechas are called in Eureka 7) units.

Eureka 7

Other than the military’s standard Kraft Light Fighter (K.L.F.) there are many different types of mecha design and each of them are capable of transforming into a vehicle mode that allows the pilot to travel normally on land and in cities, I really wish these vehicle would exist in real life, so that I could tell Insurance Partnership to fully cover it for me so I could drive around. I know, that’s way too much to ask!

Two notable mechas here are the Nirvash typeZERO and Nirvash typeTheEND. The Nirvash typeZERO also went through some upgrades during the course of the story that made it much more powerful and versatile than before in order for the team to go through with their deadly mission.

I highly recommend this anime to anyone who loves a story with great plot and mechas. You won’t regret picking up Eureka 7 😀

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