CLAMP Chronicle I – Magic Knight Rayearth & CLAMP School Detectives

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Note: A list of links for the entire CLAMP Chronicle series can be found at the end of this post.

CLAMPCLAMP is one of my favourite mangaka group and I always try not to miss any of their work whether manga or anime. CLAMP have at least 15 different manga titles created by them and have done illustration for various novels and manga as well. Among all these, some were turned into OAVs or movies and a few more was made into anime series.

I’ll be highlighting CLAMP’s original works which were turned into anime series in this 4-part article. Only anime series based off CLAMP’s original works will be featured. I won’t go into those that were made into OAVs or movies unless they have a full series along with it.

These are arranged chronologically from the time they began to air, from the oldest to the latest.

Magic Knight Rayearth (Released 1994)

Magic Knight Rayearth

Magic Knight Rayearth is about 3 girls, Hikaru, Umi and Fuu, from different schools and backgrounds who just happened to be at the right place and the right time together. While the 3 schools were on a field trip to Tokyo Tower, a mysterious force transported the 3 girls into a different world.

They later discovered that they were chosen as the legendary Magic Knights of Cephiro, the world which they were summoned to. In order to bring peace back to the land, and to rescue the Princess Emeraude, the Magic Knights had to first seek out the ancient Rune Gods; Rayearth, Celese and Windam.

What’s interesting about these Rune Gods is that they are actually living mechas which can be piloted by the Magic Knights. Because they are living, magical mechas, they are able to offer advice and use magic.

Magic Knight Rayearth

The real fun actually begins after the Emeraude/Zagato arc, during the invasion of Cephiro in season 2. The Chizeta Princess’ Djinns and Lady Aska’s giant Sang Yun were just to fun to watch in battle. (Beware of the Djinn laugh, I know a few people who became addicted to it… scary… You hath been warned… lol)

Overall, the anime was quite nicely done, except for the ending, which I preferred for the one in the manga. The anime chose not to show the truth behind Cephiro’s pillar system and the true identity of the fluffy and lovable Mokona.

Grab Magic Knight Rayearth

Clamp School Detectives (Released 1995)

Clamp School Detectives

The CLAMP School is featured in many other of CLAMP’s works, and the CLAMP School Detectives (a.k.a Clamp Gakuen Tanteidan) is founded by the youngest son of Imonoyama Zaibatsu, founder of Clamp School.

Elementary School Board President, Imonoyama Nokuru, along with fellow Elementary School Board Secretary, Suoh Takamura and Treasurer, Akira Ijyuin, formed the CLAMP School Detective after aiding an elder lady in distress.

The bunch of elementary school geniuses goes around the campus and out, seeking to help out any and all ladies who are in need of help. There are also some cameo appearances by the CLAMP School Defenders, the Duklyon team. The 20 Masks later on also spawned a spinof prequel to the series but was never animated.

Clamp School Detectives

While it’s kind of disturbing to see elementary school students getting together with kindergarten students in a relationship, the series is rather fun and interesting to watch. There really isn’t a grand plot involved, but there are some arcs that span across several episodes, which aren’t bad at all.

My favourite arc would probably be the 20 Masks thief arc, although his get-up reminds me of Tuxedo Mask… Ugh… I don’t want to remember him.

Grab CLAMP School Detectives

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