Luminous Arc

Posted by Neko Kyou in Personal on September 29th, 2007

I’ve actually spent a lot of my time the last 2 weeks playing a new game on my Nintendo DS. It’s called Luminous Arc, and was just recently released in US version.

When I first saw it while going game hunting with Dyna and Carbunkid about a month ago. Kid picked up the game from the shelf and shoved it to me. The first thing that immediately caught my attention was the artwork. It’s simply gorgeous. My first thought was, “I need to get this game…

Luminous Arc

Luminous Arc is a Strategy RPG that uses a battlefield grid for battles. If you’ve played this kind of games before, you’d know how addictive it can be. There are also replay values as well, especially if you didn’t max out all your other character’s “hearts” (which is quite difficult unless you battle a lot, and I mean a lot) and the side quests if you missed them in your first playthrough.

The English voice cast is great and very fitting with all the characters. You will seldom find me praising the English dubbed cast of any Japan-made games and especially anime, so it’s saying quite a lot.

What does this have to do with anime?

Since this is supposed to be an anime blog after all, I’ll try to justify why I’m posting about Luminous Arc.

I’m currently on my third playthrough of the game (with all my over-leveled characters) and I’m actually thinking of getting the Japanese version of the game. If the English voice casting is already so impressive, I was wondering about the Japanese voice cast.

And according to Wikipedia’s entry on Luminous Arc:

Character Actor/Actress – Japanese Actor/Actress – English
Alph (アルフ Arufu?) Akira Ishida Vic Mignogna
Leon (レオン Reon?) Keiji Fujiwara Doug Erholtz
Lucia (ルーシャ Rūsha?) Aya Hirano Amanda Winn-Lee
Saki (サキ Saki?) Mie Sonozaki Michelle Ruff
Heath (ヒース Hīsu?) Kousuke Toriumi Yuri Lowenthal
Theo (テオ Teo?) Yuko Sanpei Wendee Lee
Cecille (セシル Seshiru?) Fumiko Orikasa Karen Strassman
Nikola/Nikolai (ニコラ Nikora?) Daisuke Kishio Dave Wittenberg

With some of my favourite Seiyuus like Aya and Akira as well as Keiji, Yuuko and Fumiko who had impressed me with their anime roles before, it’s really hard to resist the temptation to grab the Japanese version and enjoy their voice acting talents.

Ahh… So many things to buy, so little money…

Click here to get your own copy of Luminous Arc.

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