Zero is losing his touch…

Posted by Neko Kyou in Code Geass on June 17th, 2008

Code Geass R2 Episode 10

Geometry Wars?

Zero just keeps getting pwned every other episode nowadays. Whatever happened to the grand master of scheming 10 moves in advanced that captured the hearts of everyone last season? Charles’s memory altering Geass must have caused Lelouch to drop a few screws in his head.

Not only did Xing-ke managed to read Zero’s every move, he even allowed Zero to think he had the upper hand when the entire time the Black Knights were dancing on Xing-ke’s palm. To top it off, the Chinese Federation still has Kallen hostage. I thought it was rather humiliating for Zero to have Diethard talk to him like that as well.

Shen Hu

Strongest Knightmare Frame around. Also the ugliest.

Damn mad Indian scientist. If you could create such overly high-spec’ed Knightmare Frame, why didn’t you do that with Guren or with Gawain before? And it puzzles me that an Indian-manufactured Knightmare Frame was given the name “Shen Hu” even though it wasn’t meant to be give to the Chinese Federation in the first place.

I actually had hope for a brilliant episode during the Black Knight’s counter-attack to rescue Kallen, but that ended up in a very disappointing manner. Zero should have tried to win Xing-ke over to his side like he did with Rollo, but instead he made him into a bitter enemy he cannot defeat both in strategy and combat.

Zero’s big talk about how he will teach Xing-ke the difference between strategy and real-time combat was back crumbling down at him. Definitely not good for morale, espcially now that they’re trapped in a tomb no less.

Zero plotting his next move

“Just wait til next episode. I’ll pwn the whole lot of you in a single move.”

At least he seems to be confident at turning the tables of their hopeless situation around next episode. Even without Xing-ke and Shen Hu to worry about, there’s 3 Knights of Round and Avalon. The Black Knights are missing Kallen and her Guren Kashoushiki. Although judging by his performance lately, it might not work out as he hoped. Subete wa keikaku doori… janai.

But the biggest surprise and mystery of the day was…

Lelouch Teleport Hax!

Double-U Tee Eff?

OMGWTFBBQ!? What is he doing back in Ashford when he’s trapped in a tomb surrounded in all directions!?

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All About the Lolis

Posted by Neko Kyou in Code Geass, Thoughts on June 9th, 2008

Kaguya vs Knight of Rounds

Kaguya doesn’t hide behind her Knights.

So Xing-ke is really a lolicon for Tianzi. The Chinese loli was to get married off as a political hostage to the (very useless plan looking) First Prince of Britannia whose name was only mentioned once while Schneizel’s name was chanted over and over again. It doesn’t take much effort to see who’s the real leader among the Britannians here.

The Chinese loli invited her best friend, the Japan loli to her wedding dinner (eh, wait. I’ve always thought the wedding dinner happens after the wedding, not the night before) and she had her unofficial husband and his mistress come along with her. It would have been an interesting harem troupe of C.C. had tagged along. But Kaguya surprised me by actually being interesting and witty for once. The way she brushed off Suzaku was nothing short of awesome with that innocent look of hers.

I was expecting a lot from the chess game between Zero and Schneizel, but the game ended up pretty boring. And the fact that Lelouch ended up being played by Schneizel. It was much more interesting watching Nina going berserk trying to get Zero and I’ve been wishing her dead since the first season.

Zero pointing the gun at Tianzi

I can sense the trainwreck coming up. Zero wanting to kidnap Tianzi is one thing, but to point a gun at a helpless child in front of the man who saved your ass earlier as hostage while laughing maniacally is low even for Lelouch. Oh yes, it’s definitely getting interesting now. Everything up to now has been rather mild so if this is what it takes for Code Geass to surpass it’s epic legend of the Massacre Princess, then let the trainwreck begin!

But the best part of the episode was right at the very end… The one many of us have been waiting for…

The Return of Orange-kun

Yes, we’ve been looking forward to you, Orange-kun.

The Return of Orange-kun in an Orange mask!
All Hail Britannia!

Oh, and if anyone is still wondering why the Eunuch’s talk funny, it’s because they have nothing down there.

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A Googolplex of Zeroes?

Posted by Neko Kyou in Code Geass, Random Fun on May 27th, 2008

Maybe, I don’t know. You figure it out and tell me whether a million zeroes equals a googolplex. But I do know that there are more Zero’s than you can possibly count accurately in Code Geass R2 episode 8.

Code Geass R2 Zero

We have Zero

He looks kinda flat. Again with the same backdrop as when C.C. posed as Zero in the broadcast back in the Chinese Federation Embassy in ep2.

Code Geass R2 Zero

A whole lot of Zero’s

Even the dog(?) has one. Can I have one, too?

Code Geass R2 Zero

Very colourful Zero’s

Posing comes very naturally to any Zero’s.

Code Geass R2 Zero

Even more Zero’s

Someone’s been having fun with hue’s, eh? I’m pretty sure the long haired Zero on the far right will look exactly like C.C. in a Zero outfit if her hair colour changed to green and the cloak is black.

Code Geass R2 Zero

Shit lots of Zero’s…

Kaguya grew taller, didn’t she? Wait, why is she even there in the open just like that? o.O

Code Geass R2 Zero

Pipe smoking mad scientist Zero’s…

Okay, I’ll stop now.


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Yes, Your Highness!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Code Geass, Thoughts on April 11th, 2008

Code Geass R2 - Zero Executed

Zero executed?

Lelouch is back, but Zero was executed. Or was he?

The starting of Code Geass R2 was a bit puzzling since everything appeared to be back to normal, with a few exceptions. Lelouch is suddenly being chased by Villetta-sensei and taking off with his brother, Rollo.

Who the heck is Rollo? Where is Nunnally? Why didn’t we know (or saw) Rollo before this? And why is Villetta a teacher in their school?

And before long, something else became apparent. Lelouch doesn’t seem to recall that he was the leader of the Order of the Black Knights, the enigmatic Zero. Which brought us to another question, whatever did happen in the cave after the gunshot with Lelouch, Suzaku and Kallen in there? And why was Lelouch “bait” for C.C.? If they knew Lelouch was Zero, why is it that they sure doesn’t look like they do, and if they didn’t why was he “bait”?

Many fans (and everyone else for that matter) have been waiting for Code Geass R2 and one of our major concerns was to find some answers to what actually happened at the end of the first season. But, instead of getting proper answers, Sunrise actually answered our original questions with even more questions.

When we did find out that Suzaku seemed to have “won” after the gunshot, that Lelouch had his memory somehow altered, that C.C. was still alive and that the few remaining uncaught members of the Black Knight are aware of Zero’s true identity, we get a whole new barrage of questions – the biggest of which is how did Lelouch lose his memory in the first place?

The first episode kinda reminds me of Shana II’s first episode, where it mirrors the events of the first episode from the first season. But unlike Shana II, Code Geass pulled it off magnificently, easily making it the best opening episode of the season. Like the first season, the last couple of minutes is the most exciting. Zero is back, meaner than ever before. And that can only mean one thing – utter destruction.

Zero Returns

“It’s good to be back…”

This is just too friggin’ exciting. The once grand Order of the Black Knights had been reduced to almost nothingness but it’s only a matter of time (a very short one) before they will rise again from the ashes, bigger, badder and in blacker uniform than before now that their psychopathic evil genius highly esteemed leader has reawakened.

Are we ready for an even more awesome trainwreck that would put Euphie’s massacre to shame?

Yes, your highness!

In case you didn’t notice, the new OP showed that the Emperor also had Geass, possibly from V.V.?

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8th Day of an Anime Christmas

Posted by Neko Kyou in Random Fun on December 21st, 2007

Have you seen what these guys have been up to!? Oh, the horror! Nah, just kidding 😉

CCYoshi | Owen | Usagijean | 0rion | Roxas | Quinn | Martin | Michael | DS | CalAggie | Moogy | IKnight | DeathToZippermouth | Kabitzin | Reverse Vampire | CJ & Crisu

Thought I’d try something a little different. Okay, I admit, I might have been slightly influenced by DS 😛 And yeah, it really did took me 8 hours in case you’re wondering after you’re done reading.

If you have absolutely no idea what’s the heck this “12 Days of Christmas” deal is, head back to Day 1: A Chiaki-sama hanging in the air to find out what this is all about.

On the 8th day of Christmas, my anime gave to me…

Code Geass: Euphemia Massacre

8 Hours in Shock…

Dear Princess Euphemia Li Britannia,

Thank you for wasting away 8 hours of my life. Because of the unthinkable thing which you did, I was left in shock for approximately 8 hours. Unable to think or do anything properly, with my mind blanked out and my hands shaking, I had to hide myself under the blanket in the corner of my room.

My thought process, as I’ve mentioned earlier, became slightly unstable and was full of negative thoughts in a loop that never ends along the lines of “Ah… The world is full of despair…”, “Code Geass… It will only end with even more sorrow” and “There is no hope for anyone anymore…”

Euphemia Li Britannia

Yes, it is you who had destroyed everything. The hope that Lelouch and Suzaku would band together against a common evil, the idea that Gawain and Lancelot would once again combine strength against the final enemy, the anticipation that has been built up throughout the entire time… torn, slashed, and burnt into nothingness within seconds and minutes.

Why!? Why did you do such a thing!?

Do not think of blaming it on the Geass. It was you who forced Lelouch to do what he did, even if he had done it accidentally in the end. If you had just kept your big mouth shut, none of it would have happened. Even after the Geass was used, you showed signs of resistance, but you decided that it was much easier to let go and allow the Geass to take over.

Oh, the horror you have caused! Things could have gone right, you had managed to convinced Lelouch to join forces with you, but you just had to spoil it all.

I still shudder whenever I recall that moment. What have we all done to deserve this, especially from you, one who many have dubbed, the Lacus clone. No, you were far from being anywhere near the most powerful of all Pink Princesses. Even Meer had done better, she had sacrificed herself in order to protect others, even if she was part of the cause.

But you, dear Euphie, were different. You did not want to leave alone. So you took out thousands of innocent lives before you finally went down and in the process, tainted Lelouch and his friendship with Suzaku.

You have destroyed Code Geass.

Yet, you have also immortalized yourself along with Code Geass to make it one of the most memorable scenes ever not only for this year, but in the entire history of anime.

Code Geass and (unfortunately) your blood-stained hands will never be forgotten, and fans throughout the world would be waiting for its continuation in spring next year.

Code Geass: Euphemia Li Britannia

Yours traumatized,

Nekonron a.k.a. Neko Kyou

12 Days of an Anime Christmas thus far…

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