Clannad Episode 13

Posted by Neko Kyou in Clannad on January 19th, 2008

The sharks finally gave up and connection is back up and running again. Hooray!

Garden of Memories

Clannad Episode 13

Rating: 6/10

Kotomi can really keep secrets and act all innocent. I didn’t expect Kotomi to have remembered about Tomoya from the very beginning but apparently she did.

The details behind Kotomi’s pasts were finally unveiled and Tomoya began to recalled everything that had happened in the past before. But at least now we finally got some clues on Kotomi’s obsession with the violin and Tomoyo’s bear costume. It must have been really harsh to lose both parents in a single day, on your own birthday no less.

Clannad Episode 13

But what surprised me was how Tomoya never turned up for her birthday. It seemed unlikely that he just forgot about it. Hopefully he’ll tell his side of the story in the next episode (which is already out by now).

It’s also rather amazing if you think about it. Kotomi had been all alone, seemingly refusing any outside help and had stayed in her empty house all these years. I’m guessing that her parents probably left her quite a sum of money for her to actually come this far without any outside aid. While it won’t help with the story’s progress, one does have to wonder about it. Did she really became independent almost overnight or has the old man been watching and protecting her from a distance?

The next episode would be the final one in Kotomi’s arc and I’ll be watching it right after posting this, so hopefully I can put up a review for it by tomorrow.

Chibi Tomoya

Tomoya, just simply wandering into someone’s garden…

Been slacking off a lot lately (partly due to those damn sharks) so I really need to get the momentum going again.

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Clannad Episode 12

Posted by Neko Kyou in Clannad on December 28th, 2007

Hidden World

Clannad Episode 12

Rating: 7/10

The episode started off decently enough, but it’s too bad Kotomi had to return the violin so fast. I would have loved to see more mass destruction from Kotomi’s melody of death. And I think I’m liking Kyou more and more XD

Clannad Episode 12

Fuko making a cameo appearance was not only funny and unexpected, it also immediately gave hope that she will awaken before Clannad ends and everyone would be together with their starfish loving loli once again. I do have to admit that the scene felt really weird since it came out of nowhere but I don’t think it caused any real problems. The good outweighed the bad and that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

Kotomi’s problem finally surfaced as she went all emo at the scene of a road accident even though there were no casualties. After a little nosing around, Tomoya realized that he knew Kotomi back when they were kids and its dejavu all over again. This is getting to be an overused plot IMO. Even though I never did complete the series, it does feel like Kanon all over again.

The talk about the “hidden world” made me wonder. Could it be the world with the tin can robot and the mysterious girl that sometimes appear at the start of the episode before the focus shifts to main story? If so, then are any of them anyhow related to Tomoya? Makes me kinda wish I have the game right now.

Kyou x Ryou

Kyou enjoyed sexually harassing Kotomi so much, she decided to try it on Ryou…

Kotomi gone emo

“Nuuu!! Kyou, don’t leave me!

This is one of Clannad’s weaker episode if you asked me, but the next episode promises to be a very good one and from what I know, it would also end Kotomi’s rather short arc.

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12th and Final Day, Merry Christmas!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Random Fun on December 25th, 2007

On the 12th day of Christmas, my anime gave to me…


12 Liters of Tears.

Maybe not 12 liters, but Clannad did bring out the most tears compared to any other anime I’ve watched this year. It took me a few episodes to get hooked into Clannad. Even though I initially found Fuko to be nothing but annoying, it was she who eventually tugged the corners of my heart and pulled me into the series.

Of course, Clannad is more than just tears of sadness. There are also plenty of tears from joy (and laughter) as well. While the tears of laughter produced from Clannad are nowhere near the level which Minami-ke has brought out, it’s still a fairly decent amount which adds significantly to the tear-pool. Kotomi’s arc has been hilarious so far.


With that, the 12 days are over and in a few more minutes, Christmas would be over on this side of the world as well. Before the clock chimes 12, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Whether or not you celebrate it (I don’t), it’s still a great holiday for everyone to enjoy and it’s never a bad idea to give some presents to the people who are close to you.

Sakura & Syaoran

The complete 12 Days of an Anime Christmas 2007:

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Clannad Episode 11

Posted by Neko Kyou in Clannad on December 19th, 2007

An After School Rhapsody

Rating: 7/10

Clannad Episode 11

Someone please explain to me the meaning of the “<insertnamehere> ja arimasen ka” joke because I seriously did not get it no matter how hard I tried. Did I mistook the meaning and completely missed the point?

Clannad Episode 11

Look’s like we now have a true weapon of mass destruction in Clannad. While Tomoyo’s Chun Li kicks and Kyou’s kicks+bike are merely weapons of distraction destruction, both of them could potentially only hit a single target at one time. Tomoyo’s high speed might come close to becoming “mass”, but it’s nowhere near the scale of Kotomi’s violin and her melody of death, capable of affecting hundreds if not thousands of poor souls at the same time.

I think I’m beginning to like Kyou more and more, especially when she’s all tsun-tsun. And especially during Tomoya’s fantasy of Kyou as a mahou shoujo!

Almost every time I see Kyou and Ryou together, I’m reminded of Kagami and Tsukasa, although they aren’t really all that alike except we have one reliable older sister and a younger, much more gullible looking younger sister.

Kotomi actually looks like she has something on Tomoya. But since we are talking about a girl genius whose reaction and logic is very different from your average high school girl, it may be too soon to say that she likes Tomoya on a more romantic level. More likely than not, Tomoya was her first true friend, and she’s just treasuring him as that. Tomoya isn’t that dense (luckily!) so he should have figured it out as well if that’s really the case.

Tomoya Laughing Fit

I’ve been laughing like this a lot recently…

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Clannad Episode 10

Posted by Neko Kyou in Clannad on December 8th, 2007

The Girl Genius’ Challenge

Rating: 7/10

Clannad Episode 10

Have you ever wondered if Kyou really have a license to ride a bike around or does she just love to run over poor Tomoya? Now I do wonder which is deadlier, Kyou’s riding skills and deadly kicks combined or Tomoyo’s “Chun Li” combo kicks. Ahh… how I missed that.

Clannad Episode 10

It’s good that memories of Fuko still lingers around in their minds which is quite obvious from Tomoya calling Nagisa by name. Maybe there’s still hope for her before the series comes to an end.

Nagisa and Kotomi makes the perfect comedy pair ROFL They even have the same affection for dango daikazouku. They seemed to actually understand each other’s one word lines that just drives Tomoya nuts.

I wonder which is more amazing, the fact that Nagisa (not so smart) and Kotomi (genius) could communicate so well or the fact that Tomoya is actually putting up with all of it. If I were Tomoya, I probably would have jumped off the roof by the time Kotomi did her 3rd “introduce yourself” gag on me.

Kyou & Kotomi - Clannad

I don’t know about bullying, but this sure looks like sexual harassment to me…

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