It’s just so Gourry

Posted by Neko Kyou in Slayers on July 21st, 2008

Slayers Revolution: Gourry & Jirou

This reminds me of Kawachi playing with his crab bread in Yakitate…

Gourry Gourry Gourry.

When Lina threw him to the jellyfish, I knew 1 of 2 things is going to happen. He would either come back friends with the gelatin blob or he would re-appear to save the day while having his fill of grilled jelly tentacles.

Lo’ and behold! He came back with a new friend called Jirou.

But I am lost about one thing right now. After last episode, I was half-convinced that Detective Gumshoe Inspector Wiser was the person who stole the design of the digimon’s Pokota’s mage-tanks. Now it seems like he might not be a bad person after all and is a lot more cunning that he looks.

Nothing extraordinary have happened so far, but watching new episodes of Slayers just makes me feel good. Then again, maybe it just looks like nothing extraordinary is happening exactly because we’re so used to Lina & Co.’s antiques.

Jirou Licks!

What surprises me is that Zel isn’t even trying to escape… or maybe he just can’t?

Things are still looking rather vague at the moment, we still haven’t got a clue as to which evil dark lord/dragon servant is trying to bring chaos and destruction to the world yet. We’ll probably only find out when Xellos makes his appearance, which I hope is soon. He’s only the most interesting character in Slayers after Lina XD

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