Shakugan no Shana II Episode 16

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Everlasting Love

Rating: 7/10

Shakugan no Shana II Episode 16

After much excitement from the previous episodes, a chapter of the story closes it’s door and the school festival ended with it. Konoe’s existence was erased from the world and left only memories behind for our heroes. Bal Masqué’s plan was only executed partially, it seem to made no difference to the greater goal they aim to achieve.

Shakugan no Shana II Episode 16

Kazumi broods over the Hougu that was given by Pheles. A Hougu that summons Pheles but at the price that the user’s power of existance will be depleted. For what reasons would Pheles pick her as sacrifice and will Kazumi use it when the time is right. Meanwhile Margery found out that not only the Reiji Maigo has been sealed, a transmitter like spell was implanted with it. Not to mention Johan never strikes me as a Mystes that is able to manipulate spell insignia. As Misaki city might have a trait of being a Maelstrom of Warfare, conflict will never cease to exist.

Yuji’s father takes his leave again unknowing the burden his son have now. Kazumi also has to face the hurdle of being a normal human being in the fight of Demon and Gods. She is also losing in the love fight due to the same differences between her and Yuji. But her eyes was full with determination to stand on the same level with Yuji. Everyone has picked their own road to travel let it be filled with flowers or rocks while fate slowly letting all these roads to meet and cross with each other.

Yuji should have learned kendo

My sword is bigger than yours!

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