Shakugan no Shana II Episode 12

Posted by khilly in Shakugan no Shana on January 12th, 2008

Seishuu Festivals begin Rating: 8/10 Shakugan no Shana II Episode 12 The Seishuu festival has started! Everyone set aside their problems and spends this day with joys and smiles. I loves the costumes they made for the parade especially Shana's where it brings out her childlike cuteness. Ike on the other hand may never survive the day. From a simple mention of Silver, Margery's determination to hunt Silver down is still strong but though driven by hatred, she has not not lost her human side. Same as to Shana and Wilhelmina where they both learn to love and to care. All three enjoyed pleasant times of the little peace they have. Shakugan no Shana II Episode 12 And finally Pheles has made her dramatic entry while Shana was about to confess. As a lady passionate about her late love, will it be enough to overcome Yuuji's will and Shana's love.Pheles
Hunting for reminder of love eternal, Pheles

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