Nendoroid Get-to!

Posted by Neko Kyou in Random Fun on April 24th, 2008

Less than 24 hours after saying that I wouldn’t buy the Hatsune Miku nendoroid from J-List, I broke down and bought not only 1, but 3 of them, effectively leaving one single unit left in stock. No, I didn’t go nuts and all will be explained in a while.

My J-List checkout

J-List only listed 7 units in their stock and HLJ was supposed to get the new stock as well. But I didn’t really want to leave everything up to chance since they still had not listed it up so I shot HLJ an email earlier today asking them about it. This was their reply:


Sorry to inform you that the second batch of the item had already been sold out. You will have to look for the item elsewhere.

Thanks for writing!

That effectively leaves J-List as the only other place I know to get Muki’s nendoroid and it actually went down to 3 units this afternoon but when I checked again right before I placed my order it went back to 4. Someone probably canceled their order or something.

Since I would be going off to Australia from the 28th of this month until the 6th of May, I was going to have the nendoroid shipped to Dyna‘s place instead. When I told him about it over the phone he suddenly decided that he wanted one, too. And another friend of ours also wanted one, which is how we ended up with 3 😀 I would put all the blame on that YouTube video in my previous post for this.

The nendoroids should arrive by next week, that means I can just pick it up from Dyna once I’m back from the land down under.

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