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Posted by Neko Kyou in Random Fun on July 1st, 2009

Some updates for the upcoming Daicon 09 event:
We’re proud to announce a few new additions to our growing list of DaiCon attractions!
  1. Seiyuu Exhibition – Ever wondered what exactly a ‘seiyuu’ is? Interested to know more about them? Then come to our seiyuu exhibition to know more about them!
  2. Gundam Caravan – During DaiCon, we’ll be giving out FREE Gundam model kits from our very own Gundam Caravan! Only limited units available on both days, so better be quick!
  3. Great Wall of Gashapon – Also, in DaiCon, we’ll be having a wall-ful of gashapon machines with the latest sets from Suzumiya Haruhi to Gundam 00. Gasha to your delight in DaiCon!
  4. Gundam Constructor’s Championship – Only for the truest, hardcore fans! Join our Gundam Constructor’s Championship (limited to 20 entries only!) and stand a chance to win LIMITED EDITION 1/100 Master Grade Gundam kits!
  5. Kareshi Kanojyo no Mise – As the official COSPA distributor in the region, we’re proud to announce that the venerable KKnM will be setting up shop in DaiCon where they will be selling numerous original, made in Japan character goods ranging from posters, keychains, mugs and t-shirts. Also, spend RM 50 and above at KKnM’s booth to get a chance to play KKnM’s Moe Moe Janken game to win wonderful prizes!
  6. Board Games – DaiCon, in cooperation with ToyBox is going to have its very own board games section! Settlers of Catan, Jungle Speed, Saboteur and many more will be open for visitors to participate in and play! Don’t miss this fun-filled section catered for the whole family!
  7. Art Competition –  Show off your artistic talents in DaiCon’s art competition. With fabulous prizes in the offing, come and sign up for it during our event itself. Only open to the first 20 people to participate.
Also, we’re sad to announce that our exclusive AWSM tickets (worth RM 250 each) have all been sold out! Due to overwhelming demand, DaiCon is now selling ENTHUSIAST tickets at RM 50 each which gurantees unseated viewing area access for Ms. Chihara Minori’s events in DaiCon. Hurry up and grab your tickets online now!

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