Naruto Shippudden 51-52

Posted by minerj in Naruto on April 10th, 2008

Reunion. The Power of Uchiha

Rating: 7.5/10

Naruto Shippuuden 51 & 52  Screenshot

How lucky! Once again we are served with another 1 hour special of Naruto. This 1 hour long show is mainly about the reunion between old friends Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. Basically, the main character for this episode is Sasuke. Of course, there are a pinch of Naruto, Sakura and Sai here and there. As usual, when friends are reunited after a long time, there will definitely be loads and loads of flashbacks. So, if you have recently started watching Naruto for the first time, you will learn the relationships that are created between the original members of team Kakashi. If you have been following Naruto since the very first episode, you will get bored. It is so because the scenes that are used in the episode are being overused.

Naruto Shippuuden 51 & 52  Screenshot

Besides that, after watching this episode, I realize that the first part, “Reunion”, cannot stand on its own as an episode. It is pretty slow. There is not much action in it. The first part is basically about Sai’s resolution to help Naruto bring back Sasuke to Konoha. However, team Kakashi, after reading his Bingo book, thinks that he is going to kill Sasuke for the sake of their village – which can be a good thing.

Now, the second part of the episode, “The Power of Uchiha”, is about the awesomeness of Sasuke. He practically owes everyone in their encounters easily. Team Kakashi cannot even lay a finger on him (maybe because they are trying their best not to hurt him). I am pretty sure that Naruto will want to bring back Sasuke in one piece too. So no point going all out on him. Funny thing happen in this episode, Naruto is supposed to come and save Sasuke but instead, Sasuke is the one who saves Naruto.

Naruto Shippuuden 51 & 52  Screenshot

“Here doggy doggy…”

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2 Comments to “Naruto Shippudden 51-52”

  1. blissmo | April 13th, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    OMG, I love Sasuke that I liked the entire episode altogether cos he’s in it! xD

  2. Miami web design | April 15th, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    Once again the power level rises. Naruto became stronger only recently (finally!) and when he meets Sasuke he is outclassed … again. I wonder what he will come up with to match his old friend ?


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