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Posted by Neko Kyou in Minami-ke on January 27th, 2008

This post is ~2 weeks overdue. The damn sharks was back less than a couple of days after my last post. The connection today seems rather stable and a lot faster than it had been the last couple of weeks so I’m taking this chance to put up this post as fast as I can before the sharks returns again.

Minami-ke finally ended at episode 13 a few weeks ago, and although it’s weaker compared to the original for now, Okawari promises to be entertaining enough. Hopefully, maybe, a true sequel would surface in the near future so that we may all once again bow down to the full awesomeness of Chiaki-sama and the amazing Haruka. Oh yes, and the grand master schemer, Kana.

Looking back at the 13 episodes, it became quite obvious that Minami-ke have plenty of fanservice weaved subtly into the sister’s daily lives that isn’t exaggerated compared to most other series. And I think it worked really well, replacing the “OMG!” (which is usually my reaction to blatant fanservice) to “BWAHAHAHA!”, which I consider as fanservice at its best.

Here are some of the highlight from the best moments, some which are rather suggestive, of Minami-ke from the first episode all the way to the last.

Kana raping Chiaki-sama

The legendary chase scene…

It’s really too bad that we never did get to see more of those uber camera angles. Little did Kana know at the time that she would be in a very similar situation in the future.

Kana Peeking Chiaki-sama

Peek-a-boo! I see…

I’m surprised Chiaki-sama didn’t give Kana a whack in the head when she did that. And I wonder what exactly did Kana see down there…

Chiaka-sama sitting on Fujioka

And nobody present found this the least disturbing?

Even Haruka acted as if its something normal and perfectly acceptable to do. Or maybe she knew it wasn’t but thought that it was okay anyway since Fujioka is “kinda like” their father. Bah, he probably enjoyed it anyway.

Kana pants down!

A rather frequent scene if you asked me…

Kana really should get tighter pants. She has a tendency to have her pants pulled down by Chiaki-sama. A lot. And Takeru had full view of the entire scene!

Haruka at the beach

The most well developed in the series…

Haruka shows plenty of cleavage.

Haruka cleavage



Mako-chan is flat

Haruka likes little boys dressing up as girls yeah…

Haruka can be really dense at times. And that usually ends up in either her showing more skin than she ought to, or having Mako-chan rolling on the floor all red.

Takeru pinned

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. What I wouldn’t give to be in Takeru’s place right now…

Despite being depicted as a loser caring cousin (hah! I bet you’ve probably forgotten that!) most of the time, Takeru has had many front row seats to very interesting sceneries whenever he pops over.

Touma x Chiaki-sama

This is so wrong… yet it’s sooo right!

The introduction of Touma only made things 10x more interesting, especially when she starts raping arguing with Chiaki-sama. Put her alongside the opposite cross-dresser Mako-chan and we have the greatest cross-dressing duo of all times. Whoever can forget the “I am a boy!” declaration that came from both of them?

Touma is GAR!

“I am a boy!”

The single most daring scene in Minami-ke, with a boy in the room to boot! Then again, Mako-chan is technically a girl… so I guess it’s not that bad…

Kana raped

What goes around, comes around…

Kana pwned!


An amazing start with the legendary chase scene, a satisfying end with Kana getting owned, for the love of Haruhi, please grant Minami-ke a true sequel by Doumu!



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  1. nutcase23 | January 28th, 2008 at 7:58 pm

    oh the sequel is here alright…..it’s called Minami-ke Okawari. And it sure as hell doesn’t disappoint!

  2. Rin | January 4th, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    Greatest anime ever! Sad, Asread stopped working on it. Wish they continue it. I feel something missing since i watched the last episode, even the OVA. ):


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