While I have access to the Internet right now, there’s really nothing much I can do until I get my own laptop and plug in my anime-infested own hard drives.

Meanwhile, I’ve uploaded another sig I’ve made a couple of years back featuring the Hitachiin twins – Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran High Host Club.

Hitachiin Twins Forum Sig

For those who hasn’t watched it yet, you should do so now. It’s one of my favourite series and it was my best anime of 2006. And it’s not just me, most people who I’ve managed to force through the first couple of episodes gets addicted and quickly became a favourite of theirs as well.

The Hitachiin twins may get on your nerves during the first couple of episodes, but once you get used to their twincest acts they really are the funniest and wittiest (well… maybe Kyoya is wittier, but then again he is the Shadow King lol) of the bunch.

Let me know what you think of it. I plan to do this quite regularly so please check my forum sigs download page if you plan to use any of my sigs and leave a comment if you do.

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