Code Geass Going Beyond Expection

Posted by Neko Kyou in Code Geass on August 13th, 2008

Guren SEITEN Hyakkyokuushiki Hashin!

Kinda reminds you of Gundam catapult launches, doesn’t it?

This has got to be the best episode ever for Code Geass. We have crazy non-stop action between the Knights of Round and the Black Knights. We are also given yet another reminder as to why Code Geass will NEVER have a good ending. The only way this series can end is probably with everyone dead, with Schneizel stealing Charles immortality and taking over the world.

Kallen Kouzuki

Kallen is back, looking 10 years younger to boot!

One of Sunrise’s mission in R2 must be to push out new or upgraded Knightmare Frames every other episode because Gurren Kashoshiki is now a thing of the past. Guren SEITEN Hakkyokuushiki is now the biggest, baddest, Knightmare Frame in the series. At least until Lancelot gets its upgrade, which should be introduced by episode 21 at this rate.

The New and Improved Guren (Again)

It’s a red Freedom with Wings of Light!

The way Lloyd called Kallen a thief for stealing the upgraded Guren came across as funny to me, since he technically “stole” the Knightmare from Kallen in the first place. Rakshata also seemed to be rather unhappy about the “pudding” earl’s modification to her baby.

A lot of people are now dead, the Black Knights are set for betrayal and Lelouch has lost his reason to fight. Sunrise actually did it. The blind loli was NOT immune after all. They actually killed off Nunnally! *weeps*

NUNNALLY~~~ *weeps*

Ahh… the look of utter despair of knowing what’s coming next…

Even though it should have been obvious to Lelouch that Rolo can’t really be trusted, he went ahead and sent him, of all people, to rescue Nunnally. But that wasn’t how Nunnally perished. No, Sunrise thought it wouldn’t have been epic enough for Code Geass. They had Suzaku, under the influence of Lelouch’s Geass, to fire FREIA and nuke off not only a huge chunk of the city, but Nunnally as well.

But Suzaku is very much to take the blame as well. He, of all people, should have known that the “Live on” Geass will kick in to prevent him from becoming a sitting duck waiting to be made into dinner. With that in mind, it was dead obvious that he will make use of FREIA.

He has been getting from bad to worse lately. He could have tried to make up for his mistake earlier, but decided to conveniently push all the blame to Zero once more and thinks that everything will be settled if he just takes out Lelouch. Ironically, this time it was he who created the ultimate disaster, not Lelouch.

Then again, this is Sunrise, so it’s still possible that Nunnally lived somehow or other. Rolo made it out alive and he was nearby Nunnally. Sayoko was right there with Nunnally as well. She might have more ninja tricks up her sleeve that we have not seen yet. I want Nunnally back 😥


“For Orange is my name of Loyalty!”

I now have renewed respect for Jeremiah, simply because he’s adopted Orange-kun as his title of loyalty. All hail Orange-kun! He has become one of my favourite character in Code Geass in R2.

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2 Comments to “Code Geass Going Beyond Expection”

  1. SpeedyTurtle | August 14th, 2008 at 8:45 am

    what i liked about the mech aspect of code geass season 1 was the while the nightmares were powerful they weren’t overly so. Season 2 has thrown that out the window and adopted the “gundam” mech design. Meaning one mech that can and will single handily kill everything on the battle field.

  2. repercussion | August 18th, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    man I have got to get back into this. as I get older, it seems I have less and less time to do the things I love. I think I’ll make an exception when it comes to Code Geass.


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