Clannad Episode 18

Posted by Neko Kyou in Clannad on March 10th, 2008

Strategy for Comeback

Clannad Episode 18 Black & White Tomoya

Rating: 9/10

Just when you start to think, “Hey, it can’t get any better than this!”, it does. Clannad keeps getting better and better that I’m beginning to feel afraid of what’s to come. Afraid, but very damn excited. It’s a good thing, really. I just can’t wait for the widescreen DVD version of the series to hit the shelves.

Clannad Episode 18 Best Episode Ever?

Tomoya getting bombarded by his harem was hilarious, especially when even the usually quiet Kotomi and Ryou duo starts to get into the act and forces Tomoya to finish up the insane amount of food prepared for the lucky bastard. Well, Fuko was there as well, but her random appearance doesn’t really surprise me anymore nor does it add much effect to the atmosphere as it did the first time it happened.

I don’t get it, why can’t Tomoya just appreciate all the girls fussing over him for once. I, for one, would probably enjoy it much like how Sunohara would and let’s be honest here, most guys would LOVE to be in his place right about now. He just doesn’t know how to truly enjoy what he has.

I’ve heard many people saying that there won’t be a Kyou or Tomoyo arc, and I finally see the reason why. Looks like Tomoya is finally starting to realize a hidden feeling for Nagisa and the part where Nagisa was hit by the tennis ball? Priceless! That scene effectively killed any other arcs or pairings unless KyoAni decides to pull a big one over us. And chances are, if they did that, they would have hordes of fans marching down their hallways unleashing deadly flesh eating starfishes.

Tomoya protecting Nagisa

Looks like Tomoya’s defensive instinct for Nagisa is finally revealing itself…

I’m beginning to really love Clannad’s soundtracks, especially the one played during this entire scene and during the part where Tomoya and Kyou were locked together in the gym equipment storage.

And as much as I’m a big fan of Kyou and Tomoyo, I do think that Nagisa would be the best choice for Tomoya.

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  1. NagisaxTomoya | March 4th, 2012 at 1:34 am

    nagisa and tomoya are the best couple ever! Don’t compare him to another pathetic guys who can’t just have one truely love, greedy bastard!!!


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